Six Social Marketing Resolutions for 2015 to Help You Achieve Real Business Results

Has your business made its social media marketing resolutions for 2015?  Now is the time to plan how your brand will use its social networks to achieve real business results in the new year.  Below, we share six social media tips to add to your social marketing resolutions for 2015.

Social Network Analytics

Would it make sense to expect to get from point A to point B in a sailboat without a rudder?  How can your business expect to have any social media for business success without understanding what is steering your social networks?  Make a social marketing resolution to start using social network analytics and insights to steer your social media strategy to success in 2015.

Build Your Blog

Do you find yourself falling behind when it comes to your business’s blog?  Start 2015 off right by focusing more energy on your blog and content marketing strategy.  And if you’re not sure where to start, we’re sharing a step-by-step guide for creating your successful blog strategy.

Facebook Strategy Update

Have you updated your business’ Facebook strategy for 2015?  A Facebook algorithm update rolled out in January, and the social network says it will penalise businesses who share “overly promotional” Facebook posts.  Make it a point of emphasis to revamp your Facebook strategy in 2015 in order to not see a downward trend with your Facebook social media ROI

Social Media Advertising

Are you taking advantage of the power of paid social marketing?  With effective organic social networking reach getting harder and harder to achieve, one 2015 social media marketing resolution must be to set aside a budget and time to focus on social advertising.  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn – and the recently announced Pinterest promoted pin advertising – are each excellent places to start.

Social Media Sales

Do you make it a point of emphasis to use social media to boost your business’s bottom line?  Contrary to what you may have heard or read, sales and social marketing can – and should – go hand in hand.  In 2015, resolve to use social media strategies to increase sales and conversions for your business.

Social Marketing Tools

Will your business look for new ways to save money and time by becoming more efficient and effective in in the new year?  While you are planning for 2015, don’t forget to review how you organise and implement your social media strategy.  Your final social marketing resolution for 2015 is to make it a point of emphasis to use social media tools for better business results and improved ROI.

What are your social media marketing resolutions for 2015?  Please share below.



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