Six Simple Social Media Steps for Small Business Success

Small business owners, does social media marketing seem overwhelming?  With so many other responsibilities claiming spots on your daily, work calendar; finding time for social marketing can create a lot of stress.  And with the ever-growing amount of social networks, social media innovations, and social networking strategies; it is easy to fall prey to procrastination or, worse yet, to just give up.

Moving Forward

Here at Socialface, we understand your plight.  That’s why we decided to deliver these six, simple steps for small business success.  While these certainly are not an all encompassing solution for your unique needs, these tips will help you get a foothold on your social media strategy and move your social networking in a positive direction.

Find Your Voice

Understanding your brand messaging and creating a clear, consistent message and identity is a good place to start.  Give your business some personality.  Then make sure your social network content communicates your brand message with a nice dose of that newfound personality.

Find Your Target

Don’t feel like you have to be on every social network.  Find out where your target audience is hanging out.  Whether that is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest; focus your energy on building a solid foundation on that social channel first before moving on to other social networks.

Tools of the Trade

Can you be everywhere and do everything 24/7?  Of course you can’t!  Take advantage of free social media management tools to make your life easier and your social marketing strategies successful.

Recycle and Repurpose

Just like there is no need to be a master of every social network in the beginning, there is also no need to create massive amounts of original content for each social channel you are using.  Repurpose your blog content, company news, testimonials, white papers, email newsletters and other content you already have, and then use that content to drive your social community back to your website or blog.

Imitate, Don’t Innovate

Will you have time to brainstorm and execute innovative social media strategies while running your business and learning the social networking rops?  In time, your business will get to know its target audience well enough to come up with new, fresh ideas.  But when you are just starting out, why not follow in the footsteps of other small businesses who are having success?  Here’s a successful social media case study full of great information, and there are many others just a Google search away.

We hope these tips can clear your mind and move you forward towards successful social media marketing for your small business.  If you have tips you would like to share, please do so in the comments below.

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