Six Savvy Instagram Marketing Tips for Your 2015 Social Media Strategy

Instagram marketing tips

Is your Instagram marketing ready to reach new heights in 2015?  The photo-sharing social network is a must-add to your business’s 2015 social media strategy.  Our six tips for Instagram will ensure you see real business outcomes with your social marketing efforts.


Leverage Social Networks

Does your Instagram marketing exist all alone out on an island?  Start leveraging multiple social networks to help increase your Instagram engagement and exposure.  For example, create an Instagram contest with a hashtag and use Facebook advertising to help take that contest to new heights.


Focus on Photo Quality

While taking and sharing professional-quality photos on Instagram is by no means a must, it does help your brand stand out if you improve your photo-shooting skills.  By learning more about taking photos, your business will be able to stand out from the crowd by taking and sharing more creative, eye-catching Instagram photos.  Here’s eight tips for improving your Instagram photography.

Instagram Storytelling

Are you using your content marketing and social media marketing channels to tell a story to your customers and prospects?  Many businesses don’t think of using Instagram images to do the same thing.  If you think in terms of story arcs and share series of photos related to that story, then you’ll draw your audience into that story and see a rise in interest and engagement..

Involve Your Audience

Want to get your Instagram followers more engaged with your brand’s photo uploads while showcasing your products at the same time?  Ask your followers to share photos of themselves while using your products.  Also, come up with fun innovative ways to use your products and share those photos with your audience.

Instagram Video Tips

Many businesses like using Instagram video more than Vine video solely because Instagram allows for longer videos.  Use these longer videos (15 seconds) to get creative and share valuable content.  For example, your business could create a series of product FAQ videos which you could tne also embed on your website or blog.

Instagram Tools

Our final Instagram tip for 2015 is one which can help you save time, money and improve your social marketing ROI.  Often, brands use social media tools with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks to schedule posts and analyse social network data, but they often forget to do the same with Instagram.  In the new year, make it a point to use Instagram tools and you’ll start to see a big improvement in your overall Instagram marketing strategy.

How does your business use Instagram to achieve real business outcomes?  Please share in our comments below.

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