Six Instagram Tips for B2B Businesses Who Want Social Marketing Success

Can B2B businesses flourish on Instagram?  Would it make sense for your B2B company to devote money, time and employee social media marketing resources to Instagram?  We believe the social photo-sharing app should be part of your social marketing strategy, and we’ll show you to be successful with the social network in this blog post.

In the Beginning

Are you unfamiliar with how to use Instagram?  Before you start to use the social media photo-sharing app in your B2B social marketing efforts, you need to understand the basics.  From registering, to connecting with other social networks, to using Instagram filters; here’s a beginner’s guide to Instagram to help your business start off on the right foot.

Mark Your Calendar

Are you worried that your B2B business will lack consistency when it comes to posting Instagram photos?  If so, your company should make sure to create and implement an editorial calendar, and use it for your social media content marketing.  This accountability tool ensures your social network posting is consistent while also providing tool to track your social marketing progress over time.

Get Moving

Think your followers will get bored with your Instagram content?  Don’t just stick to static images and include Instagram videos as part of your B2B social marketing strategy.  Get creative, make your videos fun, and show off your business’s “casual Friday” personality like these companies do with their B2B Vine videos.

Group Setting

Want another fun way to reach your audience and encourage that audience to actively participate in your social marketing? Trade shows and industry events are perfect for B2B Instagram campaigns.  Create a event-related hashtag – one that has not been used before – and publicise your Instagram hashtag to participants prior to, during, and after the event to encourage engagement and participation.

Actively Involved

Are you involving your fans – your customers – in your content creation?  Ask your Instagram followers to curate content for your B2B brand.  Start a hashtag campaign – make it a contest if you wish – and request photos from your followers showcasing how your products/services affect their lives.

Number Crunching

Does your business make use of social analytics tools and insights data from its Facebook for business page, Twitter accounts and other social networks?  It is also important to do the same for Instagram.  Using a website like Statigram, your business can see when your followers are most active, which Instagram filters deliver the most engagement, and review other useful information to ensure you maximise your ROI with Instagram.

Are you a B2B business using Instagram?  Please share your tips and success stories in the comments below.



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