Don’t Discount These Side Effects of an Effective Social Media Marketing Strategy

Effective social marketing has a host of side effects.  Smart social media strategy is not just about sharing engaging content on your Facebook for business page or retweeting on Twitter to garner goodwill and a host of followers.  In fact, there are a multitude of benefits for your business and brand when you get a little creative with your social marketing strategies.

Involve Your Email List

Your business could have a large, targeted-group of prospects and customers just waiting to join one of your social networks.  Where are they?  On your email list, that’s where.  Don’t just count on your email subscribers to also follow you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or your other social channels.  Ask them to do so and ask them often with regular email newsletters and specific email blasts.

Discover New Niches

One of the best practices of social media for brands it to listen – actively and regularly.  Use Twitter to track trends in real-time.  Pay attention to what Facebook users are discussing and sharing as it pertains to your brand’s industry.  Your business could easily uncover a profitable niche that was there all along but missed until you started listening to your target audience.

Drowning in Leads

How would you like to find your email inbox overflowing with leads?  Not a bad side-effect from an effective opt-in marketing campaign is it?  Use Facebook Offers to hyper-target prospects and consumers and tie your promotions into a lead-capturing opt-in page.  Not only can you create a sales stream when your offers are claimed but you also create a long-term marketing list.

Claim Your Online Real Estate

Superior search engine placement is a side effect of effective social marketing if you understand what works and what doesn’t.  Make sure to pay attention to and put into practice a social media backlinking strategy.  And don’t forget the fact that you can utilise social networks – to find good keywords, keyword phrases and popular topics being used by your target audience – for blog and website content.

Directing Traffic

Where do you want your target audience to go online?  Have a new blog post you want to share?  Need to get more views on your YouTube channel.  Want to let your prospects and customers know about a limited-time sale on your ecommerce website?  Use your social networks to direct online traffic and your social community to your most important online content.

Can you think of any other side effects of effective social marketing?  Our readers would appreciate you sharing your success stories in the comments below.  And who knows, maybe a side effect of your generosity will be more Facebook for business fans, Twitter followers or visitors to your website.


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