Shona Mackin, Socialface founder chats about Consumer Behaviour

In this new episode of the Australian Business Women’s Network Social Media for Small Business podcast, Shona Mackin explains why having a good understanding of the behaviour of your customers is critical to your success with social media.

Shona explains:

  • what she means by ‘consumer behaviour’ and why it is so important in the social media context
  • about a report that states that consumers prefer to connect with brands – and the implications for small business owners
  • an overview of the main platforms small business owners can use for their social media efforts and which platform is good for what
  • the outcomes that we can realistically expect from social media
  • when she thinks it’s possible to outsource your social media administration, and when it’s better to be kept in-house
  • how we can ‘stay in touch’ with our consumers – and keep understanding what they want as social platforms evolve
  • her favourite social media app

Click here to listen to Shona talk about Social Media and consumer behaviour with the Australian Business Women’s Network.

Let us know what you think and your experience using social media in Business.

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