It’s Here! Your Shiny, New Social Media Marketing News Awaits Your Eager Eyes

Here’s your latest social media marketing features, apps, news and other information.  And you know what’s great about our shiny, new social network content?  You’ll never have to sit in a long line and wait for hours to get your hands on it.  Just point your way to the Socialface blog and it will be right here waiting for you.

On the Way

Are you a Windows Phone users who has been clamouring for an official Instagram app?  Well, soon you will be able to delete all of those third-party apps – the Instagram wannabes – and start enjoying all the photo sharing fun that your fellow iPhone and Android users have been enjoying for some time now.  When this Instagram news was announced, there was no official date mentioned, but we’ll let you know as soon as we find out more.

Speaking Directly

Do you actually use your Twitter for business account to send direct messages – not the generic auto-reply but for real conversations – to other Twitter users?  Well, the social network recently announced that its users (by selecting the option) could now start receiving direct messages from any Twitter followers – whether or not you are actually following them back.  Will you take advantage of this new feature in your social media strategy.

Growing Like a Vine

Want to know which mobile apps your business should focus its social marketing strategy around this year?  Well, it is certainly helpful to have an idea of which mobile applications your target market is using on a regular basis.  And according to this article from Mashable, “Vine saw 403% growth between Q1 and Q3 this year, making it the world’s fastest growing app.”

You’re Hired!

LinkedIn is widely-used by employers looking for new talent and for job seekers looking for their next career move.  Because so many members use this professional social network in the job hunt and because so many members access the social channel using their mobile device, it makes perfect sense that the company create this latest release.  Let us introduce you to LinkedIn Recruiter Mobile.

On the Horizon

We couldn’t find it in ourselves to not mention Facebook in our weekly update.  So, for those business owners who want to achieve a higher ROI on Facebook Ads, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled for the new Custom Audience feature the social network recently shared with readers.  Can’t wait to find out more?  You can read all about it on Facebook for business news blog.

Have anything you would like to share?  We don’t want you to feel left out.  Post your comments below.

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