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Does social search sound like another empty, industry catchphrase?  Social media SEO is something your business must start paying attention to and implementing in its content strategy right away.  If not, then your brand will find itself on the sidelines watching its competition moving up the search engine rankings and capturing the majority of the online traffic.  While this blog post does not provide enough room to cover social search in its entirety, we will share some important social SEO tips, data and trends businesses should implement, pay heed to and understand to succeed.

Power of +1

One thing there is no use arguing is the popularity and reach of the Google search engine.  This alone has had many of the so-called SEO and social marketing experts telling whoever would listen that every business and person should have a Google+ account.  Now that the data is coming back that Google +1s are the second most important factor (behind Page Authority) in search engine success, these “experts” are looking like they were right all along.

Graphically Speaking

Not content with being a social network giant only, Facebook seems to have its eye set on taking on Google’s search engine supremacy.  Facebook for business admins would be wise to understand the social network’s Graph Search and how it can benefit their businesses.  And now that users can search status updates, comments, check-ins and photo captions; brands should have a Facebook content strategy including popular keywords to increase their chances of being found in Facebook searches.

Pin and Win

Search engine rankings aren’t everything when it comes to social SEO and business success.  What brand’s really want are visitors – referral traffic – which move down the online sales funnel and land in their books as customers.  After Facebook, Pinterest delivers referral traffic at a higher rate than any other social network.

Trending Twitter

Don’t discount the importance of Twitter’s search function when it comes to capturing the eyeballs of your social marketing audience.  Making use of hashtags and relevant, popular keywords in your Twitter for business tweets is an important piece of your social search strategy.  A sound strategy for businesses is to piggyback your tweets on trending topics and hot news items using hashtags and also linking from your tweets back to your own online content (i.e. blog posts) which further discusses the topic.

How are your social search skills?  If you have some other social SEO tips or social media marketing information you would like to share, then feel free to post yours in the comments below.


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