Read This Social Media Post Now to Gain Insight and an Edge on Your Competition

Read This Social Media Post Now to Gain Insight and an Edge on Your Competition


Are you ready for the latest social media marketing news and notes?  This information is going to give you an edge on your competition and help you increase your social marketing ROI.  So, if you are ready, then let’s get started.

Gaining Insight

Here we go again! Facebook Page Insights just got another facelift.  If you just got used to the new look and feel from the update earlier this year, then have no fear.  This latest update to Facebook Insights is really just tweaks to features along with new features based on feedback from the social network’s users.  And to think, you didn’t believe the social media giant listened to us little people did you!?

Tuning In

We already know that folks love to tweet about television shows while watching their favourite television shows.  Well, soon you might be able to watch your favourites directly on Twitter.  The U.S. market is getting ready to start seeing a new “See It” button, which will allow them to watch shows directly in their Twitter feed.

Professional Application

With all of the other social networks updating their mobile apps recently, it looks like the folks over at LinkedIn didn’t want to get left behind.  The professional’s social media channel just updated their iPhone mobile application to enhance the user experience for those running iOS 7.  There is also a new feature in this LinkedIn iPhone update which allows users to endorse connections from the mobile app.

Graphically Speaking

Are you a business owner who wants to find out what people are saying about your brand on Facebook?  Well, that just got a whole lot easier.  Social media marketing managers, Page admins and business owners will be glad to know that Graph Search now includes status updates, comments, check-ins and photo captions.  This is definitely going to be a valuable tool for your Facebook for business strategy.

Tool of the Trade

Looking for a new, cool – and better yet – free Twitter tool for monitoring your social media strategy and increasing your social marketing ROI?  We just stumbled across one that we know you will like.  If you are using Twitter for business, then make sure to take Tweet Binder for a test drive.  The free version is a great Twitter tool for gaining insight into hashtags and terms used by your business and Twitter followers.

Radical Changes

Facebook certainly has been busy recently.  Yes, we are going to mention this social network again here in this blog post.  But if you use Facebook ads to grow your business, then you’ll be glad we did.  However, you’ll probably be even more excited to find out that Facebook radically simplified ad buying with the latest updates to its Ad Manager.

Want to add anything to our list of social media marketing news and social network updates?  Here’s your chance.  Show off your social marketing expertise in the comments below.


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