Read These LinkedIn Tips at the Risk of Watching Your Business Grow in 2014

Are you ready for LinkedIn tips to grow your brand of one or expand your LinkedIn company page’s reach and followers?  Let’s start 2014 by sharing five tips for the professional social network that are guaranteed to help jumpstart your LinkedIn social media presence.  So, if you are ready, then let’s get started.

Show Must Go On

In late 2013, LinkedIn announced a new feature to help brands reach a more targeted segment of their audience.  The social network now lets businesses with a Company Page create LinkedIn Showcase Pages for specific services and products.  If your business offers a variety of product offerings that appeal to different target markets, then you should put this social marketing tool to use in 2014.

Give and Receive

Are you asking colleagues and customers to write recommendations for your LinkedIn professional profile?  If so, you should also be writing plenty of recommendations in return.  In fact, if you follow these steps for writing amazing LinkedIn recommendations, then you might just get a few amazing ones written for you in return!

Clean the Clutter

When was the last time you reviewed your professional profile on LinkedIn?  Take the time to read through your information and remove anything that is out of place or cluttering up your profile.  Focus your information (as you would your energy) on helping you achieve what you want in the future of your career by eliminating the content that isn’t related to your professional goals for 2014.

Take One for the Team

Looking for a sure-fire social media marketing tip to help grow your business’s LinkedIn Company Page?  Get your employees involved as brand advocates by having them contribute content and share your Company Page LinkedIn status updates with their professional networks.  Here’s an interesting employee advocacy article which showcases the importance of including employees as brand advocates and trusted ambassadors in your business’s social marketing strategy.

Group Therapy

Want to become a trusted expert, thought leader or help grow your business’s Company Page followers?  Start by offering assistance to others in your field of expertise.  You can do this by answering questions in LinkedIn Groups or by starting your own group that focuses on providing assistance to others using the social network.  Here’s three tips for LinkedIn Groups to help grow your business and brand of one.

Would you like to add to our five tips for growing your LinkedIn business in 2014?  Our readers would love to read your success stories, tips and ideas.  Please share in our comment section below.


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