Ranking in Decline? Here’s How to Fix it

Bargaining with the search engine is definitely not as easy as it may seem. Sure, all of those DIY articles on how to boost your website ranking will talk about implementing enough keywords, but not too many, and ensuring that you’ve included everything that’s relevant – but is this really enough?

Many small business owners before you have tried to do everything right without really making it to the top, after all. Luckily, there may be ways to fix this as long as you know what you’re doing; here is a handful of ways to get you started so that you can finally see that traffic grow a bit again.

More traffic to your website will, as you know, often mean more customers to do business with as well. When you do it right, it might actually snowball and become something much bigger than you anticipated.

First: Work together with influencers

Sure, striking a deal with a social media influencer may not be as easy as simply sending them an email and expecting them to craft together a blog post for you. It would still be great to have your link included a bit more across the web, though, and a blogger with a lot of followers will definitely be able to help you out with this as long as you play your cards right.

Keep in mind, first of all, that their time is also worth something and they’re not going to include you in a post out of the goodness of their hearts. Try to offer them something in return instead, such as some freebies or a heavy discount, and they might be more interested.

Try to be open for negotiations as well, though, and let them know that you are open for suggestions. That way, you might be able to tickle their interest a bit and strike a deal eventually.

Next: Get a better website name

Some domain names will just look a lot better than others and, depending on whether you’re using .com, .net, or .org, will also be favoured by the search engine. If you’re able to, it would be best to have the former as this is the most recognised one – but don’t lose hope if this isn’t possible.

There are a lot of up-and-coming domain names which you might want to get in on before they take off for good. Keep in mind, however, that you need a 301 redirection code generator when you change that domain name so that your former customers are still able to find you.

It’s just one of those small things that makes it a bit easier to keep the traffic going even if you should choose to change your address.

Now, all you need to do is to make sure that your social media profiles are active and brimming with helpful content. With an active community on social media, it’s going to be a lot easier for your business to be seen – and, of course, be found by the search engines.

Cover Image via: Pexels

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