Put These Pinterest Tips in Your Social Media Action Plan For Positive Pinterest Results

Looking for new Pinterest for business tips and strategies which will help boost your business’s Pinterest results?  As with all of the social marketing channels your business uses, this photo-pinning social network has added many new features and upgrades over the past months.  We’re going to share Pinterest tips using a few of these new features giving you an edge on your competition and boosting your social media marketing ROI.

Pay to Play

Our first tip for using Pinterest is more of a warning than a strategy.  In the latest update of its Acceptable Use Policy, the social network made it clear that its users were not allowed to pay others to follow them or re-pin their images.  Your tip – Stop trying to take shortcuts (i.e. paying popular Pinterest users for re-pins.) when building your Pinterest followers, or you could risk seeing a “Closed for Business” sign hanging in your company’s Pinterest account window.

Are You Interesting?

Do you keep up with our regularly-scheduled social media marketing news blog updates?  If so, you may have read about the new Pinterest feature “Interests” which delivers content to users based on what they have pinned and re-pinned.  By optimising your Pinterest Pins correctly, your business can take advantage of this new feature, and we’ve found an excellent Pinterest article to show you exactly how.

Get Moving

Are you looking for a way to add a little life to your business’s Pinterest Boards?  Your brand may already share Vine videos on Twitter and Instagram videos as well, but now – thanks to the social network’s recent update to allow playable GIFs – your business can add some life to its pins and boards on Pinterest.  Use animated GIFs  to inject some personality in this social network and show your products and services in action in fun and creative ways.

You Are Here

Many local businesses create promotions, contests and incentives for its Facebook for business fans who check-in when visiting the business.  Now that its users can add Pinterest Place Pins and create Pinterest Boards organising those pins, we see a new opportunity for businesses with physical locations to enhance their social media strategy.  As with other social marketing check-in strategies, your business should offer an incentive (i.e. discount, coupon, etc.) and use signage and word-of-mouth to ask customers to take part and your location on Pinterest.

 Have you used any of the above new features from Pinterest to help grow your business and engage your Pinterest Followers?  Our readers would to read your ideas and successes in our comments below.



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