Place Pinterest on Your Social Media Plans to Increase Customer Purchases

Is your business wondering if Pinterest should be part of its social media marketing plans?  Well, if you are in the business of selling products offline or online, then we’ll go ahead and answer that question for you.  Yes, you should include this photo-sharing social network to your business’s social marketing strategy, and we are going to be nice enough to share a few tips to get you started.

Spontaneous Combustion

Facebook and Twitter continue to provide businesses with social sales.  However, from the look of a social sales study reported on by MarketingProfs, Pinterest could be a game changer.  This is especially true when it comes to spontaneous purchasing or a close-to-equal amount of sales both online and offline.

Get Going

If your business sells items related to fashion, crafts and even food or drinks, then the same study shared above shows that you fall into one of the most popular categories on Pinterest.  Do yourself – and your bottom line – a favor and don’t wait any longer to get started using this social network.  Here’s a little “Pinning 101” from the folks at Pinterest to help you do just that.

Turn Up the Volume

While the basics are important, they just aren’t good enough when it comes to getting ahead of your competition and dominating your target market.  We understand that.  That’s why we know that you’ll enjoy this advice for taking your Pinterest social media strategy to another level.

Icing on the Cake

We’re not going to stop at the tips shared so far.  Instead, we have another strategy for how you can ensure your business  make the most of the 3-week purchasing window mentioned in the study referenced on  Because Facebook users tend to make the most purchasing decisions within 24 hours, your business should create limited-time offers for Facebook fans followed up by slightly longer – but no more than 3 weeks – promotional offers piggybacked on Twitter and Pinterest.

In a Week’s Time

Continuing on the previous tip, the sweet spot for all social shares across Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook for business is in the one-week range.  That being said, focus a higher quantity of Facebook posts mentioning your promotion in the first 24 hours.  Then keep the posting, tweeting and pinning at a higher rate – along with a sense of urgency in your message – for one week to maximise sales across all three social networks.

How does your business use Pinterest – and Twitter or Facebook for that matter – to drive sales online and offline?  Your tips in our comment section are greatly appreciated


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