Personalise To Connect And Reward Loyalty

Is business all about money? For some people yes, it’s all about creating as much wealth as possible in the quickest time. However for the overwhelming majority, it’s all about making life better, easier, more comfortable and in the grand scheme of things, building a more successful world. So why is it then that most businesses get sucked into the vortex of being impersonal? They seem to slowly fade into the realm of a robotic nature, where they lose focus on why they started their journey in the first place. And they will continue on doing okay, but consumers will start to look elsewhere for that human touch. There is the heart of the issue, the human being who wants to connect with another human being. Customers and businesses are locked in this eternal search. But is it worth it, is it worth the trouble to personalise your business?

The meeting

Meeting customers face to face is the most powerful way of interacting with them. There simply isn’t anything else that comes close. So when you are doing so, whether it be at a convention, a festival, an exhibition or at a conference you need to leave them with an impression that they won’t forget. Apart from having good manners, engaging in conversation and making eye contact, you and your staff must leave them with something to ‘remember me by’. Put your company logo, website or just brand name on the Pens from promogallery which are designed to be customised. Pens are used by everyone daily, so you have a chance to be of practical use in a customer’s day to day life.

Reward their loyalty

Every business wishes they had the ability to make a personal connection with the consumer but not every business knows how they should go about it. It can’t just be words and meeting people face to face, it has to be something that backs up your words. Customer loyalty programs are one such way of putting your money where your mouth is. If a customer buys something more than twice of the same nature, you should offer them a discount or special treatment for the next in the product line. Giving repeat customers early access to new services or asking them to be part of a new pilot scheme will make them feel special and calculate that their loyalty has paid off in some way.

Growing expectations

Personalising surveys will allow customers to vent frustrations but also give them airtime to give you their expectations for the future. Customers that have been with you for a long time, should be made to feel as if their opinion is more educated than someone who may have recently found you. They know about your history, and have firsthand experience of your products and services. So make a personalised survey with advanced questions for your most loyal fans.

Aside from the inherent value of an emotional connection with customers, when loyalty is rewarded it shows them being a repeat customers is financially rewarding too. Never underestimate how long a smile and healthy conversation can go with customers when you treat them with respect face to face.


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