Perfect Your LinkedIn Personal Profile to Build Your Brand of One

Is your LinkedIn personal profile under performing?  Could you improve your personal page on LinkedIn and find more opportunities to showcase your brand of one?  We’re going to share a few tips below to ensure you are maximising your ROI as it pertains to this professional social network.

Sell the Story

To build your brand of one, you need to peak the interest of LinkedIn members as they are skimming this social network.  One way to do this is to create an eye-catching headline.  Once you grab the reader’s attention, you need to avoid bland, boring business-speak and tell a riveting story about yourself.

Words are Key

Now that you understand your headline should be eye-catching and your content should tell a riveting story, we must not neglect to remind you that you also need to use the right, industry-related words in your LinkedIn personal profile.  Invest some time and energy into keyword research.  Once you discover what industry-related words people are using in their searches, then you should inject these keywords into the story you are telling.

Fail to Mention

Are you portraying the correct image?  While we can’t believe we have to remind others of this, we don’t want to fail to mention the importance of choosing the correct photo for your profile.  In fact, this tip is so important that it garnered the top two spaces on the, “8 Mistakes You Should Never Make on LinkedIn” from  Make sure you read this article.

End Endorsements

Do you find your LInkedIn inbox full of notices that someone endorsed your for one of the subjects listed in your Skills & Expertise section?  That’s great!  Or, is it?  While we’re not suggesting you should eliminate endorsements all together, we do think it is a good idea to make sure those endorsing you have a reason for doing so.  Beef up your LInkedIn profile with real endorsements from clients who will willingly give you a rave review when contacted in person and dump the fake endorsements.

More than Words

While you may catch your visitor’s attention with an eye-grabbing headline and keep them interested with an interesting story, you better not rely on words alone to build your brand and stand you apart from the crowd.  This professional social network now allows you add rich media to your personal profile.  Take advantage of this and put together a portfolio of photos, videos and other files that will wow your social media audience.

Your LinkedIn Company Page is an excellent piece of social marketing real estate to show off your business.  However, you should never neglect your opportunity to build your brand of one with a highly-optimised LinkedIn personal profile.

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