Outside The Box Ideas For Advertising Your New Brand

All business owners must learn to think outside of the box when it comes to promoting their companies. Sure, there are lots of tried and testing advertising techniques that everyone should use. However, sometimes you have to become innovative if you want to beat the competition and steal the lion’s share of the market. Some fantastic suggestions on this page should assist in pointing everyone in the right direction. Still, you shouldn’t halt your research here because there is always more to learn. Just consider these ideas and use them for inspiration when it comes to creating your next marketing plan. If you use a specialist agency, you might want to mention some of these tips the next time you hold a meeting.

Roadside billboard advertising

Lots of business owners forget they can place advertisements on billboards for little cost these days. The method of promotion worked well during the 1970s and 1980s, but it’s become less popular during the last few years. Still, thousands of motorists drive past those signs every single week. So, it’s possible to get a lot of attention and build some brand familiarity among the public. Just be sure to get in touch with specialist advertising firms rather than contacting the billboard owners directly. In most instances, that will assist entrepreneurs in getting the best discounts possible. You’ll also have to:

  • Contact graphic designers and printers
  • Pay for installing the advertisement

The best billboards are those stationed along busy roads and motorways. So, just use Google to find the contact details you require.


Creating viral videos

It’s possible for any person or company to become internet-famous overnight with a decent viral video. The clip doesn’t even have to relate to the brand or the products and services it supplies. You just need to make sure the footage shows a business logo or something similar. Maybe you could stage an accident on your car park where one vehicle rolls into another? Perhaps you could capture someone falling asleep at their desk in your office? Just use some imagination and try to think of something that other people will want to watch. In most situations, it makes sense to keep the clip as short as possible for the best results. Anything less than three minutes long should perform well. Just remember that:

  • Humour works
  • Most viral videos have shock value
  • You don’t have to make a professional clip

Sponsoring mass events

Lots of event organisers have to seek sponsorship money from local business owners to realise their dreams. That is a brilliant opportunity for entrepreneurs to promote their brands and get more attention. Let’s assume you’re going to sponsor a racing event in your city. You just need to think of a decent outdoor display idea to ensure all attendees see your logo and stop to ask about your company. Some of the most common events sponsored by business owners just like you include:

  • Conferences
  • Sports tournaments
  • Exhibitions
  • Concerts


Designing a publicity stunt

Sometimes it’s possible to get your business in the newspapers without paying for advertising space. It all comes down to your ability to become innovative and think of a suitable publicity stunt. Maybe you decide your office has a ghost, and you manage to gather some disturbing images or footage? Perhaps you choose to implement some new green technology that will revolutionise your industry? The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination. Publicity stunts are excellent because they can:

  • Get your business name in the news
  • Encourage bloggers to write about your brand
  • Send lots of traffic towards your website

If you need some inspiration, just take a look at some of the most successful publicity stunts undertaken during the last few years. There are many articles online that highlight the most successful attempts.

Using social media influencers

There are lots of people who have a significant following on social media these days. Some of the top influencers get millions of people checking their Instagram and Facebook pages every single day. There are companies out there that can link your brand with some of those individuals. You pay a fee, and those influencers will mention your latest products or say something positive about you online. Some of the top social media stars around right now include:

  • Mari Takahashi
  • Lilly Singh
  • King Bach
  • Brian Kelly
  • Baby Ariel

The process of getting those people to make positive remarks about your company is nowhere near as expensive or time-consuming as most people think. That is why you should conduct some research and start the ball rolling as soon as possible.


Publishing an informative blog

Well-written and researched blog posts can get millions of views online. Indeed, it’s all about making sure the information provides readers with something they can take away. Give them some new ideas or thoughts on an issue that highlight a different perspective. With a bit of luck, business owners who launch a popular blog will never struggle to attract traffic to their websites. Just don’t make the mistake of publishing articles that contain blatant advertising. At most, just include a natural backlink to your selling site somewhere within the content. There is a high chance that at least one of your posts will go viral if you write something every day and focus on the hottest topics. When that happens, you should notice a massive spike in website visits.

Tips for successful blog posts include:

  • Keeping the information on topic
  • Writing in an authoritative style
  • Using attractive images

Those “outside of the box” ideas for advertising your brand should help all readers to turn their luck around. When all’s said and done, using the same techniques as your competitors will mean you only achieve the same results at best. You need to use some imagination to come up with strategies those other firms missed when creating their marketing plans. That way, you will become a leader and trendsetter in the industry. Once you’re at the forefront, it’s difficult for other brands to know your operation off the top. So, get started right now!

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