A New Year for Social Media and a Host of Social Marketing News to Start 2014

Another year of social media marketing has come and gone.  One thing that has not changed with social media is the always-changing landscape of social networks like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, and others.  And just as we did in 2013, we’ll continue to keep you and your business informed of the latest and greatest in social marketing news, updates and tools.

Tools of the Trade

Looking for a new social media marketing tool to help with your brand’s social networking plans?  When you get a chance, take a look at Storytellit.com.  This new social tool helps businesses by finding customised content, automating and scheduling posts on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and LinkedIn.

Refreshing Change

Here’s an exciting update for Facebook for business users who schedule posts using Facebook’s scheduling tool.  Brands have long been able to edit the scheduled time for a previously-scheduled post, but they have not been able to edit the content of a scheduled post without deleting it and starting over.  Some users are now seeing the ability to edit the content of scheduled posts, and this update should be available for everyone in the near future.

Washing Windows

Do you use a Windows Phone to connect to Facebook and your brand’s fans?  If so, then don’t forget to update to the latest version of your Windows Phone Facebook App.  When you do, you’ll notice an improvement in notification capabilities along with updates to the Live Tiles features.

Twitter Pushes Photo Tweets

Have you noticed the small – but in no way minor – change to your Twitter iOS app recently.  The new update released by Twitter is designed to make it easier for users to tweet photos (And possibly, the social network wants Twitter users tweet more photos).  Now, when you open up your iPhone app for Twitter, you will see your photo gallery instead of a keyboard for composing your tweet.

Social Space Exploration

Pinterest takes to the skies – well, actually goes much beyond the clouds above our heads.  We recently read a cool article about Pinterest.  It seems an astronaut is using the photo-pinning social network to drum up excitement and share the beauty of space and space exploration.

Future of Facebook

Towards the end of 2013, there were numerous social media articles and blog posts proclaiming the downward spiral of Facebook due to the younger demographic leaving the social network for photo-sharing apps like Snapchat.  Well, according the numbers, those proclamations of the demise of Facebook are well off-base.  Check out this Facebook for business article to see how the global future of the social network looks according to real data instead of opinion.

Have any social marketing news you would like to add?  We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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