New to Social Media? 5 things not to do if you want to succeed!

Ready to get serious about your business’s social media strategy?  Did your boss assign you the task of posting to their Facebook for business page and taking over the management of all social networks?  Before you go and blow your opportunity to introduce your brand to the social universe, make sure to read this post and avoid these social marketing mistakes.

The Me Generation

Have you ever met someone new at a networking event and they can’t stop talking about themselves?  If you are like me, you probably tune them out and begin thinking about how you can manage to make come up with an excuse and make your way back over to the bar – fast.  Your social media community will do the same thing if spend all your time posting about your business and nothing else.

Nothing to See Here

Looking for another sure-fire way to bore your Facebook for business fans to death?  Make sure all your posts are very long with no visual content – only text.  A recent study showed that, “Photos on Facebook Pages received 53% more Likes than the average post.”  So, skip the visual content and enjoy the sound of silence on your brand’s Facebook account.

Miss the Mark

Want to have a little fun?  Gather your mates around a dartboard, put on a blindfold, and start throwing darts at your target.  Might be fun for you, but probably not for them.  Don’t blindly create your social media marketing strategy by guessing where your target audience is online.  Take off your blindfold and take the time to know which social networks they use before dedicating time and energy talking to the wrong crowd.

Guessing Game

How many Twitter tweets or Facebook posts are you going to share each day?  Post too frequently and you’ll drive fans away.  Don’t post often enough on your social networks, and your social media community will forget you exist.  Your posting strategy shouldn’t be a guessing game.  Study your social analytics to discover the posting sweet spot.

Flying Solo

Is your business going to hand the reigns to its social marketing strategy over to an intern?  Maybe your social media plan is to just let someone in your office who enjoys “messing around on Facebook” make a go of it with your brand’s social network management.  The best bit of advice I could share in this blog post is to talk to a qualified social media manager first.  Flying solo could be risky business – especially when you don’t even have a pilot’s license.

How did your brand launch its Facebook for business plan or avoid costly mistakes with its social media marketing strategy?  We’d love to hear from you.  Please share in our comments.

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