Neilson Social Media Report 2012

“Social Media is coming of age” a great opening line of the latest Social Media Neilson Report. To kick start the year, here’s a few questions, tips and general ramblings to get you thinking about social media, your digital strategy and your business for the coming 12 months… Social Media is everywhere, never before have people had so much option in the way they choose to interact with a company.  Now people can find a medium they are comfortable with and expect to find you in the space they are playing in.

The BIG question – are you where your customers are?
Are you mobile?

Check out the growth of mobile and app access when it comes to social media, not much more to say there, aside from if you don’t already have your website and business strategy optimised so it’s mobile responsive, there is no better time to move that to the top of the list.  Social Media in business is no different to anything else, the easier you can make it for people to buy and interact with you, the better your results will be.

Where are all the people?

The numbers don’t lie – even if you are in a B2B business, chances are your customers are already on Facebook.  This is your chance to be friends with them, show the world you are normal and start connecting on a whole new level.  There is one thing that hasn’t changed, these are all free public platforms, that means that you never have full control.  If a platform shuts down or stops working, you potentially lose the investment you have made in that platform.  Look at The Cool Hunter as an example last year, over 750,000 fans and the facebook page was closed without warning from a “breach” they were unaware of.  Calls for help on twitter had people jumping to help them retrieve their page.  With no quick win – they started again, luckily they had the backing of their newsletter, twitter and a range of social media sites which ensured the core business did not fail. A great incentive to ensure that you do not have a single point of failure when it comes to your social media strategy and that you are utilising a range of platforms to magnify and support your message.

To pin or not to pin…. is it really a question?

Those of you who have been reading the blog or who have seen me speak, will know how much I love pinterest for business.  Although it comes with a caveat…. I love it – if your business is set up with a visually pinnable website, blog or other digital asset.  The core value in pinning for business, is to post visuals that are hosted on your digital property, so that when people click through to the source of the image, they find the source of your business.  Puppies are cute and great kitchens are amazing BUT do they drive the traffic and behaviour to increase the value of your business?  TIP: Pin wisely and create your assets with visual actions in mind.

Do you have a social care or social media customer service strategy?

We know that most people stay online for just 20 minutes, the real value in your customer service is to be certain you have an allocated resource, ready, watching and able to respond.  People expect an immediate acknowledgement when they “seek assistance” in a public domain, not being there can potentially be detrimental for your business, if you have other naysayers jumping on the bandwagon and stirring things up.  It’s also a great place to showcase your response time and the care factor your business offers.  Used wisely, customer care on social media can be an easy win.

There are so many interesting facts and figures in Neislons “The social media report 2012” it’s worthwhile, taking a moment to read through and note the change in the digital landscape to ensure you keep your business operating on the front foot.

Did any numbers catch you by surprise?  Let us know below


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