The Myths & Misconceptions Of Social Media Marketing

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Every modern entrepreneur should appreciate the importance of social media marketing. When done right, it can grow interest and interaction like no other form of advertising. Considering the continued growth of the online audience, that is not something you wish to miss out on.

But while most businesses now attempt to enhance their ventures with social media marketing practices, very few get it right. The simple errors can often cause the biggest problems, so avoiding them is a must for anyone that craves success in this field. Here are just three that companies frequently fall for.

  1. Ignoring Google

The main purpose of social media marketing is to grow visibility and reputation for the company. However, no platform can do that quite like Google. With a strong ranking behind you, more people will see the business. More importantly, a greater number will trust it.

Google’s algorithm for ranking websites is constantly evolving. Frankly, working with a search engine optimisation company is the only way you’ll ever achieve sustained success. Using outdated and incomplete methods will only ever bring limited progress. Sadly, this will inevitably lead to lost sales.

Social media and Google go hand in hand. Overlook this fact, and you’ll commit marketing suicide. Get your SEO in good working order first, and platforms like Twitter and Facebook will soon fall into place also.

  1. Forgetting Interaction

Social media is a great way to increase awareness simply by being visible. But its real beauty comes from getting clients to actively participate. Achieve this goal, and your business will remain fresh in their minds, which will increase the likelihood of sales.


Interaction can occur in many ways. Nonetheless, creating shareable social media content should be one of your top aims. Not only will this improve relations with existing clients. It also enables you to reach new audiences that would have previously been unreachable. On a separate note, the cost-efficiency is second to none.

Games, videos, and competitions can all aid the cause too. Whatever you do, thinking that visibility is enough simply won’t do. If users scroll straight past your content, the hopes of securing their business could be lost forever. And that’s before they’ve even seen your products.

3.Being Generic

People like to buy from people, which is why the personality of the brand is always crucial. Given that it is often more difficult to express those unique characteristics online, many companies simply don’t. In turn, they often fade into the crowd.

As with any other aspect of business, social media campaigns should be geared towards the target market. Understand your niche, and then formulate ideas to suit their tastes. You can gain plenty of inspiration from these successful social media brands. Nevertheless, it’s imperative that you gain your individual presence.

Stand out from the crowd to win over your audience, and that digital interest will soon grow into physical profit. Given that this is the ultimate goal of any marketing strategy, this has to be considered a winner.


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