Moving Pictures are Moving Social Media Users Towards Engaging Actions

Want a hot social media marketing tip for 2013?  Want to know how to grow and engage your Facebook for business followers, B2B leads on LinkedIn, turn your powerpoint presentations into powerful social networking content?  Take my advice and start focusing your social marketing efforts on video.

Moving Pictures

If a picture is worth a thousand words, I wonder what a video is worth?  Video content is a big deal with social media users these days.  With the more and more social media content consumed on mobile devices and growth of smartphone usage, video is more shareable and consumable than ever.  Nows the time to jump on board this growing trend.

 Practice Makes Perfect

When it comes to your company’s Facebook for business page, you need to find a formula that not only attracts fans to your social network channel but also one that publishes content to promote a social action such as commenting, liking or sharing a post.  According to Facebook’s Best Practices Guide, a video generates, “100% more engagement than the average post.”  Engagement increases Edgerank which in turn determines how many of your fans receive your posts in their newsfeed.

Perfect Pair

YouTube continues to top the charts when it comes to online video.  While a YouTube channel is an excellent marketing and sales tool, a YouTube channel paired with a Facebook for business page gives your business an even bigger ROI.  As we just discussed, videos on Facebook are highly engaging which means many of your videos will be shared.  The more shares your videos receive the more views they will receive.  Many of these views will lead to new prospects opening your video on YouTube and thus being introduced to your YouTube channel.

B2B Goes Viral

Sadly, many B2B organisations do not take advantage of the power of video.  Good thing you are reading this post because now you can get a jump on your competition and be seen as an organisation on the cutting-edge.  Begin by creating a YouTube channel, claiming your space on LinkedIn with a company page, and then integrate informative product and services videos on this social network.  You can even take your Slideshare presentations and quickly convert them into YouTube videos.

Adopt an App

iPhone and Android-powered smartphone users love their apps.  With the move towards mobile, more video sharing apps are coming onto the market.  Apps like Vitoto, Viddy, SocialCam and Threadlife allow both businesses and their social community to create and share video snippets much like photo-sharing apps such as Instagram.  Find one you like and begin to add it to your social media marketing strategy as it pertains to video.

Do you have big plans for video in 2013?  How do you use video in your social marketing strategy.  Please share your comments with us below.


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