Make Marketing your Conferences and Events with Twitter a High Priority in 2014

Event marketing with Twitter is an excellent social media marketing strategy for businesses.  Whether you are celebrating a new location with a grand opening or if your business is hosting or participating in a large, multi-day industry expo or conference, Twitter is a social marketing tool that should be in every brand’s arsenal.  In our latest blog post, we’ll share Twitter strategies for events which will help you amplify your follower reach, promote your business and deliver real-time marketing solutions.

Promotional Power

Has your business considered using Twitter as part of its next event marketing strategy but wanted to know if it was worth the time and effort?  Maybe a real world example of the promotional power of Twitter for events will make up your mind for you.  Check out this infographic from Social Media Marketing World which shows how a Twitter hashtag paired with an event can amplify your brand’s social media marketing reach.

Two for One

Speaking of using Twitter hashtags at events, here’s a couple of tips.  It is better to create and promote one event hashtag as multiple hashtags will confuse your participants and water down your results.  Also, make sure to promote your Twitter event hashtag on other social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Google+ to widen your audience reach.

Going Live

Is there an exception to the use one Twitter hashtag rule we mentioned above?  In the case of large multi-topic, multi-speaker  events, we would have to say that using multiple hashtags for live tweet sessions is a must.  This strategy allows participation – in the form of Q & A sessions – from those individuals who are unable to attend your conference or event in person.

Tell a Story

Want to help your social network audience – maybe those who are showing up late to the fun – find an easy to scan event and conference thread?  If so, then your business should utilise a social media tool like Storify.  Your social story built on the Storify platform allows you to share content like photos, videos, tweets and comments and also to embed that single story on your business blog or website.

Here and There

The previous tips brings us directly to this tip.  Your social media for business strategy for promoting your event should involve more than just your Twitter account.  Even if you don’t use a third-party tool like Storify, you need to share your Twitter event hashtag stream on your blog or website using Twitter’s embedded tweets feature.

Has your business used Twitter for events and conferences successfully?  Please share your tips in our comments below.


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