Look Out…Important Social Media Marketing News is Coming Right at You!

You won’t need Interests from Pinterest to let you know that reading our latest social media marketing news is good for your business.  Our latest edition includes social marketing news from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and yes, Pinterest.  So, if you are ready to fill your head with social media knowledge, this is the place to start.. 

A Lucky Few

Do you use the Facebook mobile app?  The next time you decide to update your Facebook app you may just notice a new feature that you didn’t have before.  The social network is rolling out Graph Search on the Facebook app to a small group of users for testing purposes, and you may just be one of the lucky ones.

Rotate and Resize

If your brand’s social media strategy includes Twitter for business, then you have most likely noticed the new look and feel of the micro-blogging social network.  Some of the recent changes include a new focus on images and a new design for your business’s Twitter profile.  To carry on with their emphasis on tweeting photos, Twitter recently announced that Android users (iPhone users are next.) can now use a number of photo editing tools prior to tweeting out photos to their followers.

Your Best Interest

Your favorite photo-pinning social network just announced that they are beginning to roll out a new tool for Pinterest users called Interests. What exactly is Interests?  According to the official Pinterest blog, Interests will be where “you can explore interests specially designed to help you find Pins you like.”


Has your Facebook for business social marketing strategy included using Facebook advertising to grow your bottom line?  If so, then you will surely want to read about these three new features.  Facebook Ads Manager users can now preview mobile News Feed ads, choose from more user demographics for ad-targeting, and download all monthly invoices at once.

Connect the Dots

Have you ever wondered exactly how you are connected with another professional on LinkedIn?  Up until now, users of the social network could view another unconnected user’s LinkedIn Personal Profile and see who in their own network is connected to that user.  In order to help its users reach out and expand their networks by asking the right people for the right introduction, LinkedIn has released a new “How You’re Connected Tool” which goes a step further sharing exactly how your connection knows another LinkedIn connection.

What social media news or social marketing updates do you have to share with our readers?  We’ve left you plenty of space in our comment section to pass along your social network knowledge.

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