LinkedIn Sales Navigator – Worth a Premium Price of Not?

You already use LinkedIn to network with like-minded professionals.  You take advantage of this professional social network to keep up to date with industry news and to follow your favorite companies.  You might even leverageLinkedIn for your B2B social media marketing and use it as a free tool to help you generateleads.  This leads us to the big question: should you pay to use this social network’s premium service – LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

Social Sales Tool

Sales Navigator is LinkedIn’s newest social selling tool for sales professionals on their social network.  This premium service provides subscribers with a bundle of features that take advantage of LinkedIn’s extensive amount of public, professional information provided by its members.  LinkedIn already offers you all of the information you need for free.  Sales navigator, however, gives you supercharged sales and prospecting tools to take advantage of this information and put it to use to grow your business.

What Do You Get

Here’s a quick look at the three features that come with Sales Navigator that give sales professionals an edge when it comes to social selling on LinkedIn.

Profile Organiser – A virtual file folder to organise prospect profiles along with contact information, correspondence history and notes.  A very useful tool for sales pros.

Lead Builder – Want to build a lead list based on seniority, job function or company size?  Lead Builder lets you choose the criteria that is most important to you and then uses the social intelligence of LinkedIn’s professional network to build a powerful lead list.  This tool alone might be worth the premium price

InMail – Got a list of hot leads created by lead builder but you aren’t connected to them personally?  Unlike its free email service, LinkedIn InMail allows you to send a message to any other member even if they are outside your network.  InMail is a must for sales professionals who want to connect with those decision-makers outside of their network.

Here’s a look at the entire suite of social selling tools included with LinkedInSalesNavigator.

To Pay or Not to Pay

So back to the question at hand: Should you upgrade to one of LinkedIn’s premium services when you can use strategies to find leads and reach prospects for free?  That is your choice to make.  However, if you look at the tools listed above and see the value I see for sales professionals, then there really is no question that Sales Navigator is worth the premium price.

Do you use Sales Navigator or any of the LinkedIn premium services?  Please share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below.




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