LinkedIn Sales Navigator and B2B Social Selling are a Perfect Match for Sales Professionals

LinkedIn Sales Navigator and B2B Social Selling are a Perfect Match for Sales Professionals

Want to learn to use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to take your social selling to the next level?  Have you heard about the new, standalone Sales Navigator from LinkedIn?  Our latest blog post will introduce you to this social media sales tool while offering a few tips for improving your social selling as well.

Social Selling In a Nutshell

Are you in the B2B business but still trying to understand social selling and how it pertains to social networks like LinkedIn?  We found a nice explanation of social selling which should help give you a clear understanding of the process.  According to, “…social selling consists of four main steps — establishing a presence on social networks, finding the right people, engaging with those people, and building trust.”

B2B Social Sales Tool

Would you be excited and would you find it useful if you could cover all four of those social selling steps using one tool?  Well, that is where LinkedIn Sales Navigator comes into the picture.  The official blog for LinkedIn offers a nice overview of the Sales Navigator experience and what you should expect when including it in your B2B social marketing campaigns.

Premium Search Filters

So, how can you and your B2B sales pros use this LinkedIn for business tool to improve their social selling?  We’ll share a few tips in the following paragraphs.  Start by using Premium Search filters to find the exact decision-makers you should be learning about and connecting with while eliminating wasted time dealing with gatekeepers and nonessential connections.

Sales Navigator Customised Reports

Looking for a simple, efficient way to keep updated on company news, industry happenings or professional changes with your prospects?  You could spend a lot of time searching online and scanning industry-related news to find what you need.  Or, you could just create recurring reports in LinkedIn Sales Navigator based on keywords or positions and have those reports delivered to you automatically.

LinkedIn Connections Introductions

Would having a warm introduction improve your chances of getting a sales meeting with a prospect?  Use the TeamLink feature to see if any of your colleagues are connected with any sales targets on LinkedIn.  Then, have your colleague introduce you to that LinkedIn connection and you will have a headstart on setting up that first social media for business sales call.

Premium LinkedIn Profile Tools

When was the last time you updated your LinkedIn professional profile?  Would you like a few extra tools to make sure your online first impressions were unforgettable (in a good way of course) to those viewing your LinkedIn profile:  Our last social selling tip is to make sure you use all the Premium Profile tools the social network offers its Sales Navigator users.

Please share your thoughts, successes or tips for using LinkedIn Sales Navigator in our comments.

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