Light a Fire in Your Social Media Strategy with These Creative Social Marketing Ideas

Stop the boring social media marketing strategies!  Light a fire in your social network communities and introduce a little fun in your own social marketing activity by stepping outside your comfort zone.  Here are five creative social media marketing tips and ideas for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks to get you started.  

Open Forum

Has your brand every used Reddit as part of its social media for business strategy?  One creative strategy brands can employ – especially for extra exposure when promoting the launch of a new product or service – is the popular Reddit AMA feature.  AMA is short for “Ask Me Anything”, and remember, it is an open forum so be sure to have a plan on how you’ll handle crazy, off-the-wall questions during your AMA session.

No Fooling

While almost every brand was trying to be funny with the same old, tired jokes on April Fool’s Day, there was at least one which went in a whole new direction, Take a look at this social media blog post describing this Twitter conversation with the @MarkJacobsIntl Twitter account, its followers, an appearance from @Staples and the arrival of a new computer keyboard.  This was one fantastically creative social marketing conversation featuring images, crowdsourcing and Storify.

Reputation via Curation

If your business stopped using Klout, then it is probably time you give the social marketing reputation-scoring social network tool another look.  Klout seems to have risen from near-death to remake itself as a much more useful social media tool.  The latest version of the iOS app now curates content for your brand – on topics that are important to your fans and followers – helping you discover and deliver content that adds value to your social community.

Game Theory

Have your company’s Facebook for business Reach numbers seen a steep decline with the social network’s latest news feed tweaks?  One way to help improve that Reach is to increase your Post Engagement numbers because every Share, Comment and Like reintroduces your post to your fans’ news feeds so others can see it.  A creative way to do this is to use games and incentives (while staying within Facebook’s Terms of Use of course) which create interest and virality to your Facebook posts.

On the Hunt

Get your brand evangelists heavily involved in promoting your company’s social media content with a fun, social scavenger hunt.  Use the direct message feature of Instagram, Vine, Twitter or Facebook to connect privately with your most active, vocal, well-connected fans and followers.  Come up with a creative scavenger hunt, which involves hashtags, images or videos and requires participants to share their answers/responses publicly before receiving the next instructions via direct message.

Our readers would love to hear about your successful social media marketing strategies.  Please use our comments to share.

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