How to Leverage Google+ for Business in Six Simple Steps

How to Leverage Google+ for Business in Six Simple Steps

Forget about Google+ and your business will lose out on many powerful social marketing and social seo benefits.  This social network may not be at the top of your to-do list when it comes to your business’s social media strategy, but it should be given a high priority.  In our latest blog post, we’ll share six tips to help your business start using Google+ today to drive traffic to your website and build your brand.

Refresher Course

How long has it been since your business used Google Plus on a regular basis?  Has it been a while?  Our first tip is to take the time to get reaquainted with Google+ and make sure you have a sound understanding of the social network.

Photo Fix

Are you using photos to engage your fans and followers across your social networks?  Much like your Facebook for business page, the most popular posts on Google+ are photos.  Obviously, you should upload photos to your businesses posts, but make sure to use a url link in your post if you want to drive folks to your content as Google Plus links your images to a full-size image and not your blog or website.

Dynamic Duo

Does your Google+ personal profile have more connections than your business page?  This tip is much like what we recommend with users who have LinkedIn for business company pages.  After you post your content on your Google+ business page, switch to your personal profile then +1 and share your post which will share it with your larger personal network.

On Target

Have you heard or read the term “brand evangelists” when scanning the social media news and social marketing articles?  These fans and followers are advocates for your business and are the ones sharing and engaging with your social network posts.  Our fourth Google Plus tip is to use targeting sharing (use this sparingly for your most important content) with those followers who you consider your brand evangelists on Google+.

Title Tag<

Do you write eye-catching headlines to grab the attention of readers?  When it comes to your headlines on this social network, don’t discount the social search importance as well.  The fifth tip is to not only write eye-catching headlines for readers, but also to remember to use keywords in your headline as Google search will use your headline in the search results title tag.


What’s the last Google+ tip we are offering our readers today?  This one is a no-brainer for any social network and social media for business strategy.  Here it is: create a plan, implement your plan, measure the results of that plan and repeat.

Please share your comments and tips fo using Google+ in your social marketing strategy.

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