The Latest Social Media Marketing News for Your Business is Right Here

Need your social media marketing fix?  Our latest blog post is full of the social network news your business needs to know about right now.  Instead of scouring the Internet for social media news, now you know that you can find everything you need to know in one spot online..

SMS Lookalike

Do you use the Facebook Messenger app on your iPhone or Android mobile device?  If so, you’ll soon receive notice of an update which will allow you to start messaging anyone (not just Facebook users) in your mobile contact list.  Will this Facebook Messenger update have you bypassing your regular text-messaging application?


Pinterest users will soon see recommendations offered up by the photo-sharing social network.  These recommendations will work much like Pandora giving individuals an opportunity to give thumbs up and thumbs down feedback.  So, the next time you are on Pinterest pinning dessert recipes to a board, don’t be surprised if you see a recommendation for a fabulous chocolate cupcake recipe pop up unexpectedly in your feed.

Opening Doors

Starbucks and Twitter are opening doors for businesses looking for a new, innovative and easy way for customers to share gift cards with social network connections.  Exchanging gift certificates via Tweets could be a game-changer for any brand’s social media marketing strategy.  And if this catches on, expect to see Twitter expanding this offering to all of its users soon.

Major Overhaul

The folks over at Google+ have been busy behind the scenes of the social network.  How do we know this?  Well, the social network just announced a slew of new features and updates.  They also rolled out custom URLs for both personal and business profiles.  Since we don’t have room to list all the updates here, you’ll have to read about the 18 Google+ updates here.

Visually Appealing

Has your business been sharing photos and Vine videos on Twitter as part of its social media strategy?  If so, you will love to hear about (if you haven’t noticed it already) this new Twitter update.  Following Facebook’s lead, Twitter streams are becoming more visual.  Instead of having to click a link to see tweeted media, users will now see the actual photo or video in their stream.

Have you noticed anything new or newsworthy in the world of social media marketing recently?  Share your insights in the comments below.

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