Instantly Upgrade Your Instagram for Business Strategy with Today’s Tips

Social marketing without photos is not the smartest way to build your brand on social media.  You must have a business strategy that leans heavily on images and uses those photos creatively across all your social networks.  An Instagram for business account is a good place to start.

The Facebook Factor

Facebook for business pages rely heavily on images.  This reliance is going to be even more noticeable with the redesigned Facebook news feed.  And because Instagram is owned by the world’s largest social network, it is the perfect platform to begin taking advantage of an engaging social media photo strategy.

Knowledge is Power

As with all of your business’s social network strategies, an understanding of your target audience is the key to unlocking the power of Instagram.  Once you know your audience, you can build off of that foundation and create content that resonates with and engages your social community.  Pay attention to how your audience interacts with your photos to determine how often you should post and what kind of content gets people interested in your brand.

Take a Tip from Twitter

Hashtags are an integral part of Twitter and might also soon be found on Facebook.  Instagram also uses hashtags to help its users discover and share content.  Your Instagram hashtag strategy needs to include relevant and specific (i.e. #beachfronthouses and not #houses) terms in order to be successful.  You can also get creative with hashtags and use them to create photo posting and sharing contests to help promote your business.

Weave Your Web

Instagram is widely-known as a smartphone photo sharing app and many businesses forget that they can now have a Instagram web profile also.  Use your Instagram profile on the web to provide a one-stop shop for all of your creative photo content as well as another way to control your branding message.  If it’s one thing we’ve learned from Pinterest, people love to spend hours on end looking at photos on the web.  Take advantage of this with a branded online location for Instagram content.

Stop the Sales Pitch

If you sell products – especially ones that are visually appealing (i.e. clothes, shoes, housewares) – then you might find yourself posting nothing but product photos.  This is a bad idea.  Yes, your followers do turn to your Instagram content to see what’s new and what they might want to purchase.  Your job is to find a fine balance between product placement and other relevant, interesting content.  If you sell 24/7, then your followers will soon be used-to-be followers.

Start using Instagram for business today.  And if you already use the social media photo sharing platform, take the time today to review your strategy.  Do you have any Instagram tips to share?  Our readers would love to read them.  Please share in the comments section below.


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