Increase Leads with Facebook Using These Five Social Marketing Tips

Increase Leads with Facebook Using These Five Social Marketing Tips

Want a secret formula to use Facebook to increase leads for your business?  This social marketing secret formula is really no secret at all as you only need is a little know-how and effort.  We will gladly take care of the know-how in our latest blog post by sharing five tips to increase leads with Facebook.

Got You Covered

What is the largest piece of social marketing real estate on Facebook for business page?  The correct answer to that question is your Facebook cover photo. Place a “click here” graphic with an incentive for clicking on your cover photo, and once clicked, your visitor will be taken to the larger photo view where you can include more information and link back to your website sales page to capture the lead.

Don’t Stand Out

Most of us have heard the saying, “Imitation is the highest form of flattery.”  If you want to share advertising-type posts which have a higher likelihood of getting comments, likes and shares, then you should imitate the posts seen in your Facebook fans’ news feeds and not stand out like a sore thumb.  Get creative with your Facebook Sponsored Posts by using a fun photo and an enticing reason for people to click over to your lead-capturing content.

Custom Fit

Another way you can use Facebook to increase leads is to not imitate the content found in your fans’ news feeds, but to imitate those fans instead.  You can do this by taking advantage of Facebook Lookalike Audiences.  This amazing social media advertising tool allows you to use your customer email list, your website and your mobile app to – along with Facebook – to create a new custom audience to target your lead-capturing advertisements.

Get it Right

Are you using Facebook contests to grow your fan numbers?  Many businesses use social network contests, but unfortunately, most do not use them as effectively as they could.  If you want to increase leads with social media contests, then we suggest you read this article for some truly useful tips.

Customer Care

Does part of your social media for business strategy include using social networks like Twitter and Facebook as a customer service tool?  If your business handles complaints and dissatisfied customers correctly, then you can turn those fans into brand evangelists who recommend your products and services to their social connections.  Give these people an extra incentive to help drive leads to your business by not only correcting the problem, but also by offering them an online coupon or a freebie.

How does your business use Facebook to increase leads and drive sales?  Please share your successes in the comments below.

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