Improve Your Social Marketing IQ with the Latest Social Media News

Social Media IQ

How’s your social media for business news IQ?  Are you up to speed on the latest social network features and latest breaking news?  Spend some time on our soical media blog and you will have the knowledge to impress your coworkers and friends with your high social marketing IQ.


Are you a fan of Pinterest for business marketing?  Do you make it a point to review and use analytic data in your social media for business strategy?  If you answered yes to these questions, then you will be glad to know that updated Pinterest analytics are on the way which will allow you to gain a bigger ROI when using the photo-pinning social network in your social marketing strategy.

Take Charge

Would you consider yourself a control freak?  Is so, then you will be happy to know that the new Facebook for business page design offers admins control over the look and functionality of the Facebook Pages they manage.  With this latest update, admins can now change the placement of sections in the left-column menu and top navigation.

Phoning It In

We’re sure that you understand the importance of mobile marketing and how the majority of your customers are accessing your social content via mobile devices.  However, do you also like to manage your social media marketing using mobile apps for smartphones or tablets?  If so, you should give the updated Kuhcoon Ads app for IOS a spin as it allows you to manage and monitor your Facebook ads right from your iPhone and iPad.

Speaking of Ads

Social media advertising gives businesses an amazing tool to gain new fans, followers and – more importantly – customers.  Up until now businesses in Australia could not utilise Instagram for business advertising.  Lucky for us, that is about to change as Australia, the U.K. and Canada are next in line for Instagram advertising.

Sneak Peek

Was it a sign of things to come?  According to multiple sources including this Mashable article, Facebook accidently released (and then removed) Snapshot – the social network’s answer to SnapChat – to the iTunes App store.  We’re not sure when the “official” release will actually occur, but we will surely give you all the details when it does happen.

More Mobile News

Does your business integrate Google+ in its social marketing and social seo strategy?  Are you one of those business owners or social media managers who likes using mobile devices to update and monitor its social networks?  Well, sharing and editing photos and videos vie your Google+ for business just got much easier with the latest iOS app update.

Have you heard any interesting social media marketing news we didn’t share?  Share yours in the comments below.

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