Improve Your Facebook for Business Page in 2013 with These Three Tips

Is your Facebook for business ready for a successful 2013?  Will you improve your social media marketing efforts and continue on an upward trend?  Worse yet, will your business’s Facebook strategy stagnate and even decline as you continue to go through the motions with your social marketing?

Now’s the Time

In Australia and around the globe, this a time when most of us reflect on the year behind us and set goals for the year ahead of us.  We make resolutions and decide to find ways to improve our lives both on a personal level and business-wise.  Now is also the perfect time to focus on your Facebook for business strategy and plan to improve your marketing methods with this social network.  Below are three tips to get you started.

Under the Hood

Without actually understanding what is working and what is not working, well, you’re bound to repeat the same mistakes or waste time with your business’s Facebook fan page.  Start by looking at your Page Posts data in your Facebook Insights.  This is where you will discover the kind of content that is driving your social success.  Here’s an article on Facebook Insights to help you dig a little deeper and put the data into action.

Listen Up

Instead of spending all your time thinking about what you are going to say to your business’s social network community, take the time to see what they are talking about.  Scan your Facebook posts’ comments and look at your competitor’s pages to discover what your target audience is talking about and then create your posts around those subjects.  And if you are having trouble finding out what they are discussing and what you should post to stimulate more conversation – here’s a thought – ask them.

Social Snapshot

Do you include photos in your posts?  You need to start.  In 2011, I read interesting data as it pertained to photos and Facebook engagement.  With the increase in mobile social network apps and mobile use for social media, these numbers continue to grow.  Don’t worry about digging around for research – just add photos to your posts in 2013.  You’ll be happy with the results.

Onward and Upward

There you have it.  Three tips to add to your social media marketing resolution list for your Facebook for business page in 2013.  But don’t stop there.  Continue to connect with your Facebook fans by adjusting and improving your social networking strategy.  Here’s a few more Facebook tips from the Socialface Blog to help make 2013 a social marketing success.

Tell us…Does your business have any Facebook resolutions for 2013?



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