How to Improve Social Media Advertising ROI in Six Simple Steps

How to Improve Social Media Advertising ROI in Six Simple Steps

Want to improve your paid social media ROI?  Does your business need a few new social network advertising tips for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social channels?  Our latest blog post shares six tips to improve your paid social marketing initiatives.

Listen to Facebook

Does your social media for business strategy include a line item for Facebook advertising?  More importantly, are you making the most of all the great tools the social network offers to make the most of your advertising initiatives.  Our first tip is to follow Facebook’s advice by installing conversion pixels on your website which allows, “measurement of outcomes such as click-throughs and purchases.”

Talking Twitter Targeting

What are your customers’ pain points?  Chances are, your customers and prospects are tweeting about the issues they face and asking the Twitterverse for solutions to those problems.  Paid social marketing tip number two is to use a combination of Twitter promoted tweets and keywords related to those pain points to reach individuals looking for the help you can provide.

Instant Instagram Expertise

Looking to add to your Instagram for business advertising expertise?  From research we read recently, our advice would be to start by not diluting the impact of your advertising messaging.  Your brand can do this by following this Instagram advertising tip which is to limit your followers’ exposure to your ads to two times per day.

Google Plus YouTube

Want to double-up the benefits of Google+ advertising?  We wanted to share a little tidbit that will help boost your YouTube video reach while also improving its overall performance on the Google Display Network.  This simple – but effective – social media marketing tip involves posting your video on Google+ and then turning that YouTube video post into a +Post ad.

Perfect Pinterest Infographic

How are you doing with your Pinterest for business ROI?  You may have read social media news online sharing how effective the photo-pinning social network is at driving traffic to websites.  Well, our fifth social network advertising tip is to turbocharge its traffic-driving power with this infographic guide showing brands how to advertise on Pinterest.

Less LinkedIn Options

Will your business use LinkedIn sponsored updates to expand its network and reach new clients in the near future?  The social network for professionals offers a great list of options to help your business effectively target its sponsored LinkedIn updates.  Our final tip for your social media advertising strategy is to not include, but instead, to exclude LinkedIn targeting categories in order to prevent unwanted category overlaps and to narrow your advertising audience.

Please share your social media advertising tips in our comments.

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