Don’t Read this Online Marketing Content Unless Your Business Wants to Improve its Marketing ROI

In today’s post we’re bundling a bevy of online marketing tips?  What can you expect from taking the time to read this blog post?  We’ll share tips on improving your social media marketing ROI, improving your email marketing open rates and gaining an edge on your competition by understanding the latest B2B marketing trends.  So, if you;re ready, let’s get started!

Get on Google+

We recently shared a study which showed Google+ becoming a go-to social network for many users.  We also pointed out behaviour – posting and sharing photos, watching YouTube videos, and checking-in at physical locations.  And now, we’ve seen the news that Google+ hashtag content is supported by supported by the Google search engine which means a big boost to social SEO.  Our advice to you – jump on this social network now and get a jump on your competition.

Open for Business

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to obtain and retain customers.  Here are a few tips to ensure your emails are opened.  Making it absolutely clear who is sending the email, creating a short, eye-catching subject line (50 characters max and 20 for mobile users), and composing a creative pre-header (text just under or alongside subject line) are three must-dos to increase your email open rates.

This is a Test

Since we are on the subject of email marketing, most online marketing consultants will tell business owners that they should be using A/B testing to determine the most effective way to obtain desired results.  With Facebook EdgeRank going the way of the dinosaurs and the social network implementing a new algorithm to determine which posts should get shown in your fans’ news feeds; now is the time to think about performing some social media A/B testing.  Try posting similar content in different variations (photo post, status update, link post, etc.) and see what is the most effective for your Facebook for business page.

Trending Topics

Is your business in the B2B business?  Whether it is social media marketing, blogging or email marketing, B2B marketing often follows many of the same B2C marketing principles.  However, many times your business must go a different route to achieve the biggest ROI for its online marketing.  These five B2B marketing trends are going to give your business the ideas and strategies to achieve better results with your online and social marketing strategies.

Will these tips help your social media and online marketing ROI?  Are you implementing any of the above tips successfully?  Want to share more social marketing strategies or online marketing information with our readers?  We’d love to hear from you in our comments below.

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