Improve Your Instagram Engagement with Six Simple Steps

Improve Your Instagram Engagement with Six Simple Steps

Want to learn how to increase Instagram engagement for your business?  It’s no secret that this photo-sharing social network can deliver great results for your brand’s social media strategy.  That’s why we’re going to show you how to improve your engagement on Instagram with six simple steps.

Increase Instagram Followers

What’s the first step for seeing better engagement results on Instagram?  Well, its quite simple really.  Your business needs to first focus on implementing strategies to grow your Instagram followers.

Put a Face on Instagram Images

Are you like many of the brands who post numerous product photos on Instagram?  While it’s not necessary to stop posting product images, it would do you some good to add a little human element to your photos.  Start sharing photos – or have your followers share their photos – of your customers using your products to boost likes and comments.

Hashtags and Instagram

If you followed the first link to learn tips for increasing your followers on Instagram, then you know that hashtags are an important part of this social network.  However, much like effective Twitter for business strategies, you don’t want to litter your shared content with a large number of hashtags.  To increase your follower engagement, use five or less Instagram hashtags per image.

Analyse Instagram Filter Engagement

Does your business place a point of emphasis on testing and analysing as part of its social media for business strategy?  Your Instagram social marketing strategy should involve testing as well – especially when it comes to which photo filters deliver higher engagement numbers.  Use a tool like Iconosquare (formerly Statigram) to review your likes and comments using various filters and then use the most popular filters more often when sharing photos.

Enhance Social Media Images

Would your business sell subpar services or products to your customers and expect great results?  It’s been shown that Instagram users are more likely to engage with high-quality images over ones of lower quality.  To enhance the quality of your images and videos, try using one of these Instagram apps.

Instagram Photos vs. Instagram Videos

Surely you know that you can share both photos and videos on Instagram.  Did you know, however, that videos as a whole receive less engagement than images?  Your final tip to increase Instagram engagement involves – not eliminating Instagram videos – but instead, sharing photo posts at a higher rate than video posts.

What tips do you have for improving Instagram engagement numbers?  Please share your ideas and success stories in the comments below.

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