Important Social Search Steps to Optimise Three Social Networks for Search

Ignoring social search in your business’s social media strategy means you are missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with your prospects and customers.  With social networks including internal search functions and with consumers spending more time on social media, taking the time to optimise your social networks for search is a no-brainer.  We’re going to help you get started by sharing some basic social search steps for your business.

Over One Billion Reasons

We can think of over one billion reasons (think the social network’s users) to optimise your Facebook for business page and Facebook Graph Search adds another reason to that long list.  Start your social search optimisation by filling out your basic information (About, Mission, Company Overview, etc.) completely and use keywords relevant to your business in this content.  If you have a physical location, make sure to add your address and claim your Facebook Places Page.  Finally, make sure your profile picture is recognisable (logo, signage, etc.) as profile pictures show up in social search results.


Twitter’s search function helps its users find exactly the type of content they are looking for, and your business does not want to miss out on taking advantage of this robust social search tool.  Hashtags get all the press, but adding relevant keywords in your content is just as important as the search tool provides results for both.  Whenever possible, utilise links to drive users to your website/blog/etc. and to add to your seo backlink juice.  Lastly, piggyback your posts on trending topics and current events as this is what many users will be searching for on Twitter.

Highly Photogenic

Pinterest is quickly becoming an important part of social media marketing for businesses.  Start your social search optimisation for Pinterest by including relative and important keywords – including product pricing – in your Pin descriptions.  Moving up to the Board level, make sure every Pin is related to the overall theme of the board and add important keywords in the Board description.  Finally, focus on pinning high-quality images to your boards as users will be more inclined to re-pin these photos to their own boards. Every social media strategy should include a social search plan.  Not only are users searching within the social networks to find businesses and content, but the search engines are indexing social marketing content to present along with other organic search engine results.

What types of things is your business doing to capture virtual social search real estate online?  We’d love to read your success stories in the comments below.

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