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What’s in the social media news this week?  We’re glad you asked.  Our crack team has scoured the social networks along with every corner of the World Wide Web to find you the social marketing news you can use to grow your business and spread your brand’s message.  So, if you are ready, let’s get on with it!

Pin and Win

If you are looking for a new social network to focus your energy on in the coming months, then Pinterest is well worth a look.  According to this Business Insider article, Pinterest is the content-sharing platform with the fastest growth amongst consumers.  Just take a look at this little snippet from the article, “Content sharing on Pinterest jumped 19.2% in the latest quarter, and LinkedIn sharing grew 15.1%. Facebook saw content sharing rise 14.7%, while sharing on Twitter fell 7.6%.”

Video Voices

Does your business have a product or service which is appealing to the teen demographic?  If so, then you should focus your energy on YouTube. Thanks to Mashable (who got a sneak peak at a soon-to-be-released research report) we now know that, “The most popular site among all teens now is YouTube.”  Don’t worry if your Facebook for business page is a big part of your strategy.  Teens still list the social network as number 2 on their list.

New and Improved

Speaking of the younger demographic, your brand might include Tumblr as part of its social media marketing strategy if you are trying to engage that particular target audience.  If so, then you will want to read the buzz around the new and improved Tumblr search features.  The folks at the social blogging platform are excited and you’ll probably find some creative approaches for putting some of the features to good use.

Engagement by Design

Speaking of new (we’ll leave it up to you to decide if they are improved), Facebook recently announced that they will soon begin to roll out new Like and Share buttons.  This looks to be a design-only change and functionality will remain the same.  And don’t worry business owners, Facebook is doing all the heavy lifting as the Like and Share buttons will upgrade automatically.


Looks like Justin Bieber understands he can’t be a teen pop star forever, and he is now moving into the realm of social media mogul.  The Biebs recently invested $1.1 million into a new social network called Shots of Me.  As of this writing, not too much is known about the new social channel except that its target audience will be the teen demographic and that it should be popping up as a mobile app soon.

Have any social media news you would like to share?  Please use the comments below as our audience would love to hear from you.

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