Ignore Facebook for Business Changes at Your Own Peril

Facebook for business and the overall social media landscape underwent many changes over the past year.  For businesses using social media marketing, keeping up with these changes can do more than drive them crazy.  If your brand ignores the changes Facebook for business implements, then it could drive your fans and customers to your competition.  So just to make sure you are still on top of your game, let’s take a look at three big changes this social network made in 2012 that can affect your business in 2013

Time for a Change

One of the biggest changes came in the form of your brand’s Facebook fan page.  The social network shifted all businesses to the Timeline format in 2012.  This not only changed the look and feel of your page with new the new Cover Photo, but it also gave you new features like pinned posts, milestones and features.  FYI – Rumour has it a Timeline change might be in the works again.

Up for a Promotion

As word circulated that not all of a business’s fans were seeing its page posts in their News Feed, you might have thought the sky was actually falling.  It didn’t matter that Facebook’s Edgerank always determined exactly what percentage of your fans saw your posts, now people were outraged.  They were especially outraged when they saw the addition of paid promoted posts to 2012’s new Facebook features.  Instead of being outraged, make sure your business asks your social marketing manager or social media agency how to take advantage of Promoted Posts to grow your business.

Land Ho!

Before Timeline, businesses used landing page tabs paired with a host of Facebook applications to entice visitors – with coupons, fan-only perks, promotions, etc. – to “Like” their page.  This feature was sent packing in 2012.  Application tabs were still allowed, but they no longer receive much attention from your fans.  And on top of that, Cover Photo guidelines did not allow calls to action or enticements to Like your page.  This change made brands really work hard to land new Facebook fans.  FYI – Once again, like your Timeline, be prepared for new Cover Photo rules in 2013 as well.

Keeping Pace

The above are only three of the Facebook for business changes that occured in 2012.  To make sure you are not still living in the past when it comes to social marketing, make sure you spend some time online researching and reading more blog posts and articles like this one.  Better yet, save time and work with a social media agency who will help ensure you are getting the most from your social marketing efforts.

What was your least favourite change Facebook made for Fan Pages in 2012?


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