How to Use the New LinkedIn Company Page Analytics to Your Advantage

Are you using LinkedIn company page analytics to your advantage?  There is no shortage of online content espousing the use of Facebook for business page analytics to improve your business’s social marketing strategy.  However, we usually see a disconnect when it comes to taking advantage of the social media data LinkedIn provides to company pages.

Information Overload

So, why is it that many businesses are not taking advantage of this new tool and information?  Well, simply put, it could be that these companies do not even realise the new company page analytics exist.  Over the past months, the social network has been rolling out updates like LinkedIn Sponsored Updates and the ability for company page admins to comment or like updates as their brand and not as their personal account profile.  Rolling out a variety of different updates could have created information overload.

At a Glance

Before even entering into the realm of the new LinkedIn Analytics, page admins can now get a quick overview of how an individual company page update is doing directly in the home page feed.  As you scroll through your home page, you can see each update’s impressions, clicks, interactions and engagement.  Having these numbers available, quickly, at a glance, gives you the option of featuring  a high-performing update (pushing it to the top of your feed much like the “Pin to Top” Facebook feature) or even choosing to use the paid sponsor update feature.

On the Inside

When you do choose to click the “Analytics” link at the top of your LinkedIn company page and head inside the numbers, the first thing you will notice is a list of your page updates.  This gives you a scrolling overview which allows you to identify what type of company page updates are performing the best.  Business owners can use this data to weed out what is not working and focus on what delivers the biggest ROI with their social network community.

Reaching Out

We love the fact that LinkedIn company page admins can now get an overview – in graph form – of Reach (Impressions) and Engagement (Clicks) numbers.  This data goes as far back as the previous month and helps you spot trends in what days are the best days to post.  If you are using an editorial calendar and track times of day you post, then you can pair your times with the data provided by LinkedIn to really improve your social media posting strategy on LinkedIn.

Follow the Leader

Demographics information was previously found in the LinkedIn company page Insights area and not much is changed here.  Unfortunately, many businesses fail to take advantage of this demographics data and do not share the types of updates that fit their audience.  If the majority of your followers are in a leadership position, share content that discusses topics like managing teams, books on leadership, tips for being an effective leader, business success tips, etc., or target types of posts to specific audiences using the LinkedIn targeting feature.

 Are you using LinkedIn Company Page Analytics to your advantage?  Have any other tips you would like to share on LinkedIn Analytics?  Please do so in the comments below.

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