How to use Facebook Offers

Some days are just exciting for online marketers – like today.

Facebook is rolling out the new offer feature, it’s not on everypage as yet and its time to get ready and keep an eye out for them.

Right now your page should see one of these bars below.

If your screen looks like the second update box, you have a chance to get your offers out before your competitors.

Yes, we know this is not fair, but it’s how Facebook rolls.

Step 1. Visit your page and see if you have access to the new offer feature now


Step 2.  Click Offer / Event

Step 3.  Select your thumbnail

Step 4. Write a strong headline

Step 5. Add the fine print and expiration

Step 6. Remember to tell your staff and teams

Step 7. Preview your offer

Step 8. Post

How easy is that!


Tell us…

Have you set up an offer as yet?  Share it in the comments below if your offers are up and active


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