How to Increase Your Facebook Mobile Advertising Success

Is your business considering Facebook mobile advertising to increase brand awareness and sales?  Setting aside part of your social media marketing budget for Facebook mobile ads is a smart decision.  Here’s a few tips to ensure your choice to advertise on this social network delivers a good ROI and meets your company’s benchmarks.

Going Mobile

Why should your Facebook for business strategy include a heavy dose of mobile advertising?  Well, according to a January 2013 report by CNN, “For the first time, the number of active daily visitors checking Facebook on mobile devices is higher than the number of people checking the social network on the Web.”  Another report – this one from shared that, “Mobile users are 15 times more likely to click on an ad than desktop users.”  Believe us, there are many more reasons to add to this list.

Choice is Yours

Having choices is always a good thing.  And with Facebook mobile ads, your business has the ability to pick from a few options to find the perfect type of mobile advertising to fit your social media strategy.  Presently, your choices include: Sponsored Stories, Page Post Ads, Promoted Posts and Mobile App-Install Ads.  Taking the time to understand each option is the first step towards a successful Facebook for business mobile ad strategy.

Smoke and Mirrors

When it comes to your actually advertising content, now is not the time for smoke and mirrors.  Your marketing message should be simple and relevant to your promotion and your target audience.  Like your Facebook for business page content, your target audience will respond best to attention-grabbing images.  But remember, this is not a desktop environment.  So, make sure those images translate well in the mobile environment.

End in Mind

Before brainstorming creative ideas for your Facebook mobile ads, start thinking about the end result of your ad campaign.  Do you want prospects to end up on your mobile website page?  Are you trying to get your target audience to “Like” your Facebook for business page?  Do you have a mobile app that you want to sell?  Beginning with the end in mind will help you create a simple road-map to lead prospects to that destination.

Only a Test

Lastly, remember to test a number of ads and ad strategies.  After a set amount of time, check your statistical data, weed out what isn’t working, and amplify what is working.  You probably will not hit the bullseye on your first round of mobile ads.  But when you do hit that sweet spot, you will be glad you decided to use Facebook mobile ads as part of your social media marketing strategy.

Have any other tips you would like to ad?  Please share yours in the comments below 🙂


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