How to get more fans on Facebook and Twitter

Did you know that Facebook and Twitter are accounting for a total of 1.1 billion users or 14% of the world’s population. For most people, the biggest challenge that they will face is attracting a large following through social networking. This is because everyone has a host of ideas that they are using to be able to reach out to select demographics.

The Problems for Most Individuals

To standout from everyone else means, utilizing select strategies that will directly target a specific audience. While at the same time, any kind of effective approach must entice everyone to want to continue following you. To do this requires consistently practicing specific tactics that will achieve these objectives.


In general, the best time to post on Facebook and Twitter is first thing in the morning, last thing at night or during transit times where people are travelling to and from work.  This of course varies on the demographic of the audience you are aiming to engage with. The main reason is because there is a 20% higher probability that any kind of posts will receive favorable comments and reviews. Once this takes place, is when more people will be consistently following and reading the postings on either web site.

Days of the Week

The best days to be posting on Facebook and Twitter are either Wednesday or Sunday. This is because most people will check into their accounts and favorite pages at least twice a week. The most common days that this will occur, is on these two days with postings receiving an increase in favorable comments of 8%.

The Frequency of the Postings

Various research studies have shown that the quality of the posting will lead to more favorable reviews. The main reason is from the ability to effectively communicate ideas and entertain. Those who are able to do this and can post three times a week, will receive 32% more favorable comments for their articles. This can lead to a larger following and a wide circle of friends.

Kept It Short and Witty

Most people will read at a slower pace on the Internet. This means that they want to see the information that is of interest to them and move on. The best way to reach out to a large audience is to keep all postings under 80 characters. This will lead to more traffic and interest (with a 66% increase in popularity).

Look for Relevant Keywords

Another way to attract a large following is to identify, test and utilize various keywords that will reach out to the target audience. This can be achieved is through seeking out those keywords that are unique and not frequently targeted by other users. Once this takes place, is when the posting will be able to reach a specific audience who is interested in the subject (which increases popularity).

The Long Term Impact

If this kind of strategy can be used over the long term, it will help to increase your following and friends on both web sites. This is when the total number of fans will rise. It is at this point that your postings will standout and you can influence readers.

Do Tell…

How frequently are you posting or tweeting to get the best results for your business?  Tell us in the comments below.

One thought on “How to get more fans on Facebook and Twitter

  1. Jenn Barrett says:

    I have been trying to keep up with my tweeting. Facebook seems to be a lost cause for me since I spend more time on Squidoo. /sigh I need more hours in the day to let people keep up with my exciting life. 😛

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