How to Establish Credibility and Generate Leads with LinkedIn

Are you using LinkedIn to its fullest potential?  Do you spend most of your time on LinkedIn answering requests to connect with other business professionals, reading through the long list of updates, logging out of your account and then checking out your Twitter feed?  If so, you and your business are missing out on a number of other powerful tools and opportunities this social media channel provides.

Do You Have the Answers?

LinkedIn Answers is one of our favorite tools on this professional social network.  On its surface, the premise behind this section of LinkedIn is simple.  People ask questions and others provide the answers.  But when you dig a little deeper, you’ll unlock a wealth of marketing and sales potential.

Position Yourself as an Expert

One of the most important things you can do to build your or your company’s Brand is to show that you are an authoritative voice in your industry.  LinkedIn Answers allows you to do much more than talk the talk.  When you answer questions and provide solutions to others, you walk the walk.  You position yourself as an expert and become a go-to individual when someone needs help in your industry.

Prospects Knocking on Your Inbox Door

Once you establish credibility with your fellow LinkedIn professionals, don’t be surprised when prospects go out of their way to find you.  And these prospects are making a conscience decision to choose you based upon an incredibly soft sell.  All you had to do was to be helpful and share your knowledge.  And that leads us to a very important part of this process.

Give and You Shall Receive.  Promote and You Shall Not

The most important thing to understand about using LinkedIn Answers is that self-promotion is bad etiquette.  If you have participated in enough online dialogue in forums and on social media, you probably already understand this.  Don’t feel like you have to shout at people saying, “Hey, did you like that answer?  Well there’s more of that over here at my sales website!”  The best thing you can do is quietly show people you are willing to give without expecting anything in return.

Become a Habitual Offender

In order to really reap the benefits from LinkedIn Answers, you need to make it part of your daily routine.  And I know how hard it can be to find time each day to log in and search through the endless amount of questions.  LinkedIn understands that as well.  That is why they made it easy to subscribe to RSS feeds of categories in Answers and have questions delivered to your virtual doorstep.

Power Personified

Now that you know more about LinkedIn Answers, make a point to log in today and get started.  And don’t just answer questions; ask a few questions as well.  The information you receive can provide an interesting insight into your products and services from your customers’ or fellow business owners’ eyes.  Answers is one of many powerful social media marketing tools from LinkedIn.  Make sure to add it to your social media marketing toolbox.

Want to Share?

Do you use LinkedIn Answers to grow your business build your Brand?  Share some of your tips in the comments below with your fellow professionals.  They’d love to hear them.  And who knows, you might just get a few new leads.

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