How to Drive Your Facebook for Business Fans Away in Droves

Social media marketers will gladly tell you how to create engaging content for your Facebook for business page.  They’ll run through a list of the same old tactics that each and every business on social media has heard hundreds, if not thousands, of times.  And don’t get me wrong, those are important.  But why don’t we go a different route and look at some of the tactics that are guaranteed not to engage your social network community on Facebook.

Hash it Out

Want to annoy the majority of your Facebook fans?  Fill your posts full of Twitter hashtags.  Each social network has its own set of rules – a type of social media etiquette – and you need to follow those rules.  If you breach the rules of etiquette, you are sure to turn off many of your fans.

Few and Far Between

Another surefire way to not engage your network is to not post on a consistent basis.  When it comes to determining how many times a day you should post to your Facebook for business page, every brand needs to test, review results in Facebook analytics and test again.  I do know this – If you post once every month, you’ll hear the crickets chirping on your business’s Timeline page.

Always Closing

Are you always closing with your Facebook posts?  Your fans want valuable, relevant content.  They do not want to see a steady stream of sales pitches.  And guess what?  If this is your business’s social media marketing strategy, you’re better off putting those posts in a bottle and sending them out to sea.

A Novel Idea

I know you have a lot to say.  We all do.  That doesn’t mean you need to say it all in your business’s Facebook Timeline page posts.  Your fans want their social content short and sweet.  If they always have to click “See More” to read your brand’s posts, then they will gladly take their short, social media attention-span elsewhere.

Black and White

Want to go from engaged to perpetually single?  Never post photos or videos to your page.  Fill your fans’ News Feeds up with words (see the paragraph above) and they’ll jump to the next business’s picture post and its witty one-liner in a heartbeat.

No Comment

Do your Facebook for business posts receive a lot of comments and shares?  That’s great!  You’re probably not making any of the above engagement blunders.  If you don’t want to ruin a good thing, then you need to respond to your fans’ advances.  Thank them for the shares, answer questions, and give those comments a Like.  If you ignore your social network, they’ll gladly give you the cold shoulder as well.

Are you brave enough to share some of the mistakes your business has made before?  We’d love to see them in the comments below.


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