How Google+ Can Generate Leads and Grow Your Business

Google+ continues to be that one social network businesses and brands are not so sure about.  I am often asked by owners if it is worth the effort to include this network in their social media strategy.  While it is true that Google+ continues to lag behind Facebook and Twitter in terms of users, I still recommend that you give it a long, hard look.  In fact, I’m going to share a few ways you can use Google+ to generate leads and grow your business.

Plant Your Flag

Search engine optimisation is moving in the direction of social search optimisation and it is no secret that Google is one of the biggest players in the search industry.  Many seo experts and online marketers will tell you that because the search giant now includes – and some say favors – Google+ content in its results it is in your brand’s best interest to have a Google+ presenceforseo.  While we have yet to see how social search will end up transforming online searches, I have to say that I agree with the marketing and seo folks here.

Just Hanging Out

Google+ Hangouts are one of my favorite features of this social network.  Hangouts allow you to hold free video chats with other people in your Google+ circles and also lets you post this content to YouTube.  There are a number of creative ways you can use this feature to generate leads and grow your business.  In fact, we could probably do a blog post on Hangouts alone.  Use this feature to hold sales presentations, host free product demos, create add-on content for packages, network with fellow professionals, perform market research and much more.

Get Connected

Professionals and B2B companies love using LinkedIntoestablishcredibility, build a network of  professional connections and to network with other businesses and professionals with whom they can get leads and close deals.  Google+ is another social network that is perfect for networking.  In fact, with this social media channel, you can actually create closed networks (Circles) that allow you to share content and establish yourself as a leader in your field.

It’s Nice to Share

Sharing valuable content is a must for every brand’s social marketing strategy.  Another key is to share the type of content that your social community will want to share with their networks.  Many social strategists, myself included, think that Google+ sharing is much more targeted than Facebook.  When you share info on your product or service, others can then share that information with their friends that are only interested in that product or service without jumping through hoops.

Circle the Wagons So there you have it, a few quick reasons why your business should be using Google+, and how this social network can help grow your business and generate leads.

Are you using Google+ in your social media marketing strategy?  Please share how you use this social marketing channel successfully with our readers.

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