How can your business use Twitter?

It’s Thursday, the day we serve up three of the best articles on a social media issue facing businesses like yours.

This week, we still have Twitter on our minds.  Twitter can be fast-paced, even frantic.  Many see it as frivolous.  So how can your business use it well?

1.  Give support

While Twitter ‘fails’ get headlines, there are businesses out there providing great customer service in the Twitterverse.  We liked this great roundup in the Wall Street Journal of how Southwest Airlines, Whole Foods, and Best Buy approach the task.

The important point, we thought, was that each wasn’t afraid to tweak or shift their approach as needed.  Southwest, for example, started its Twitter account from its advertising department, but the public affairs team later took it over and teamed up with their customer relations counterparts.  When a serious situation arose, Southwest had a social media crisis plan and changed its tone from casual joviality to corporate formality.

2.  Get answers

Use the power of crowdsourcing.  Sure, you ask Google.  But your Twitter followers can interpret your questions and don’t quibble over key words.

We liked the tips in this twitip article on How to Ask Effective Questions on Twitter.  Our favourite tip is not to ask and run.  Stay online and stay on topic.  You are more likely to get answers if you thank those who respond, reply to requests for clarification, retweet the question, and not tweet on a completely different topic.

3.  Save favourites

Twitter moves fast.  In this New York Times article on Nine Things You Didn’t Know About Twitter, we think the advice to save your favourite tweets is particularly smart.

You can save time searching for that great tweet you read days or months ago by saving it as a favourite.   Find it again by clicking on profile then favourites or by adding your favourites as a feed in your RSS reader.  Easy.

Tell us

Is there a great way your business uses Twitter that we overlooked?  Do tell…

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