Have You Heard About the New Social Media Advertising Tool You Won’t Find on Any Social Network?

Does your business use social media advertising options as a part of its social marketing strategy?  If you read our blog posts regularly, then you probably are up to speed on Facebook advertising and Twitter promoted tweets.  However, you may also want to look at the new Google+ advertising option which debuted recently.

In the Beginning

Any good beginner’s guide to this new social network advertising option from Google+ would start with the basics.  First of all, this new feature is named +Post Ads.  And here’s what truly makes them different from other social media ads: +Post Ads do not show up on Google Plus.  Instead, they run on the Google Display Network.

Basically Speaking

What exactly is the Google Display Network and how does it pertain to Google+ Ads?  Here’s an excellent piece that explains the Google Display Network along with offering tips for making the most of your online advertising budget.  The most basic answer to the question that started this paragraph is that your +Post Ads will look like a Google Plus post but will be featured on a website outside of Google+.

Compare and Contrast

How does this paid social marketing option stand up to other social media advertising options?  As this Google Plus advertising is very new, it really is too soon to tell how the +Post ROI stacks up against other ad options from social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.  However, we did run across an interesting study comparing social ads from Instagram and Google+.

End in Mind

So, how should your business use this new feature from Google+?  Well, as in any social advertising effort, you should start with the end in mind.  What do you wish to accomplish from your +Post ad – drive traffic to a website, grow your Google+ followers, showcase a new product or service?  Knowing the answer to this question is the first step to successful social advertising.

Think Socially

Next, think of how the different Google Plus features – which are available to your business and shareable to your Google+ community – can be used to create an engaging, sharable message on the social network.  Whether you use a video, a photo, a status post or even a Google Hangout; make sure it fits your desired outcome mentioned in the previous paragraph.  Remember, your ad will also double as a social media post which means people will be able to interact (comment, +1, share) with your +Post Ad even while it sits on one of over 2 million sites on the Google Display Network.

The new Google Plus +Post Ads offer a virtual world of new, creative social advertising ideas and possibilities.  Can you think of any ways you might use this new social media advertising option?  Please share in our comments below.

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