Grow with Google+ – Why Your Business Must Make This Social Network a Priority

Have your business’s social media discussions touched on whether or not your brand should start using Google+ in its social marketing efforts?  With your business already seeing good ROI on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, your social team may wonder if adding Google+ is worth the effort.  After reading our blog post, you will not have to be a Google+ marketing expert to see why now is the time to focus some of your energy, time and resources to this social channel.

Own Your Content

In our social media marketing posts, we often share the thought that business owners should make their blog the central hub of their social media content strategy.  Your company blog is where you take ownership of your content before sending it out into the social universe where it takes on a life of its own.  Just as quality blog content is important to business growth, Google+ and Google Authorship are vital to achieving success and business growth with your blog content marketing strategy.

Social Search Success

Let’s face it: Google is the go-to search engine for the majority of online searches.  To take that one step further, social SEO strategy is now an integral part of every online marketing strategy.  Without integrating Google+ in your social media plans, your business will never have an opportunity to reach the pinnacle of social SEO.

Integral for Interaction

Speaking of integration, the online giant is quickly integrating all of its online tools with each other.  What do we mean by that?  Besides the connection of Google Authorship and Google Search, YouTube now has Google+ comments, Gmail users and can now email Google+ connections without knowing their email address.  If the online giant continues to move in this direction, your business will have to have a Google+ account to use the online tools and mobile apps necessary to reach and interact with your customers.

Face to Face

Would your business benefit by hosting live product demonstrations, holding weekly online tips and tricks to help your customers use your product or service more effectively, having live business training online or creating a customer Q&A session complete with live video?  Unlike Facebook for business groups or Twitter live chats, Google+ offers live, streaming video with Hangouts On Air giving your business an opportunity to put a live person face to face with an online audience.  Check out these cool ideas for using Google+ Hangouts to grow your business.

Does your business already use this social media marketing platform?  Please share your thoughts on Google+ in the comments below.



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