Grow Your Business with the Latest Social Media News and Social Marketing Tools

Grow Your Business with the Latest Social Media News and Social Marketing Tools

How do you get ahead in social media for business?  You can start by staying up to date on the latest social media news and social marketing tools.  In our latest blog post, you will find information and links to help you grow your business and keep ahead of the ever-evolving social media marketing curve.

Time Lapse Instagram App

Have you heard about the cool, new photo tool for your Instagram for business account?  The new Hyperlapse app allows users to shoot professional quality time lapse videos to share with their Instagram followers.  Can you think of some creative ways your business can use this app?

Digging Deep with Pinterest

Sticking with photo-sharing social networks, your Pinterest for business account now offers you a host of new analytics information.  According to the official site, “With Pinterest Analytics, see what people like from your profile and what they save from your website. Get new data about your audience, too, so you can learn what your customers really want.”

Facebook Puts End to Like-Gating

What’s been going on at Facebook recently?  There is a lot of news coming out of the big blue social media giant as of late.  One item that may affect many third-party contest apps and businesses using Facebook contests is the elimination of “Like-gating” – requiring individuals to like your page before entering your contest.

New Facebook Ad Tools

Want more Facebook for business news?  The company just announced News Feed ads and insights for Facebook events.  Also, the social network just added a free grid tool to ensure your ads do not violate the 20 percent text rule.

Goodbye Google Authorship

For those businesses who are implementing social seo in their social media for business strategy will probably find this news interesting and maybe a bit upsetting.  The folks at Google have killed Google Authorship.  Here’s an interesting Google Authorship article that details why the company is getting rid of this search tool.

Keyword Search on Facebook

We can’t talk about social search without sharing the following social marketing news.  In what seems to be another attempt to grab more market share from Google, Facebook will soon let its users search for content in posts with keywords.  This announcement means that brands should start paying more attention to how they use keywords in their Facebook posts.

Twitter Analytics for All

Are you using Twitter for business but not running any Twitter ads?  If so, you will be happy to know that you now have access to Twitter analytics even if you do not have an advertising account.  Now, all Twitter users can access analytics data such as impressions, clicks and engagement on individual tweets along with in-depth information on their Twitter followers.

Have any social media news or new social marketing tools you would like to share?  Please use our comment section below.

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