Read This Post at Your Own Risk – Greater Social Media Marketing ROI Lies Ahead

Are you ready to add to your social media marketing bag of tricks?  From Facebook for business to photo-sharing social networks like Pinterest and Instagram, we’ve got a few new social media tactics you can use to enhance your engagement with your social community and grow your bottom line.  So without further adieu, here’s five tips to jumpstart your social ROI.

The Long View

Does your brand use Pinterest boards and pins to drive traffic back to your website or to showcase featured products and services?  If you have certain photos you want to stand out and grab your viewers attention, then you should pin longer images to your board.  You can go up to 5000 pixels long but keep your image 554 pixels wide or less to avoid your images being automatically resized.

Flaunt Your Talents

Want to show off your talents to score more business?  Well, if you are using LinkedIn, then you now have the opportunity to showcase your talents with video and photos.  Whether you are a graphic artist working solo or a marketing executive in a large firm, this new feature from LinkedIn is a perfect match for showing your social network connections what you can do for their businesses.

Front and Center

Having a hard time coming up with ways to engage your fans on your Facebook for business page?  Have you ever thought of putting your Facebook fans front and center on your page.  Let’s say you are a store that sells arts and crafts.  Ask your fans to submit photos of their creations and create a photo gallery featuring these fans’ photos.  This social marketing tactic can be used with almost any business.  Get creative and get your fans involved.

Listen Up

Do you often wonder if there is a secret way to find out exactly what your target audience wants?  How cool would it be if you knew what products were hot with your customers allowing you to then promote them with an offer to generate even more sales?  You can do just that by taking advantage of Twitter search.  Monitoring conversations about your product and services in real time is a reality when you use this social media tool.

Tag, You’re It

So you’ve been using Instagram to promote your brand and business for a while now, but are wondering if we have a few new creative ideas to help you gain an edge on your competition.  Well, you are in luck.  Actually, we can’t take credit for this one.  Instagram photo tagging is now here and your brand can start putting together social media strategies that engages your audience by asking them to tag your business in their photos.

Are you doing anything fabulously successful to drive engagement and increase your social media marketing ROI?  Please share your tips in the comments below.

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